Jul 30, 2010

Friday Facts for July 30,2010

Fact #1- having your Internet go down is annoying.

Fact #2- having it finally up and running again makes for a happy girl, who will feel no obligation to try to catch up on a lost week.

Fact #3- I can still show you what I was working on this week (even without a regular Wednesday Workspace post!).

I have been an admirer of Kathleen Tracy for awhile now. I have both of her earlier books: American Doll Quilts and Prairie Children and Their Quilts, and totally fell in love with her last book: Remembering Adelia. I had pulled her earlier books a few weeks ago and added them to the revisit pile in the sewing room. Tuesday afternoon was a slow time at the shop, so I pulled several fat quarters of a blue and yellow collection that has been sitting at the front of the shop for a few weeks. It isn't my usual pick of fabric, but I wanted something just slightly out of the box for me- but still close enough to my beloved repros. It was after all- "just a doll quilt". I whipped up the half square triangles while customer-less and completed the entire top last evening. Working small has it's advantages. Here it is with some of the quilting stitches done:

I will finish the rest later today after some afternoon obligations. I really do like what this little ditty will look like once finished. I need to scout out the attic and find that American Girl doll bed I painted up years ago when DD the youngest wanted one for her prairie doll. I made the bedding for it and a small quilt made from 1" squares of fabric swatches sent to me by an online warehouse I dealt with back in the days of doing the local craft show circuit.

As for other things Tracy, Kathleen has started a monthly club! I signed up online earlier this month for the American School Girl Club and have been eagerly awaiting my first two patterns. Kathleen was recently in the hospital, but is now home and recovering from her ordeal, and had enough energy to send out the patterns for June/July. I am so looking forward to this adventure. Look at how lovely the pattern packets are:

each (pattern) is extremely well written, well photographed, and the packets contain lovely facts about a time-gone-by. Do go take a look at her website (see above link) for yourself. I bet you'll be glad you did!


Quilt Hollow said...

I just adore little quilts and would love to see the doll bed!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Well how cute is that! I bought a kit to make that one for my friend in AU who loves blue and yellow.

Sharon said...

This is adorable, love the fabrics you picked! I know what you mean about the internet being down...I had to use my husband's computer for several weeks, so I should not complain, at least I had access! Somehow (a virus) had changed my internet settings, and even though it showed that I had connectivity...no go! Have a great weekend!

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