Aug 8, 2010

How We Spent a Lovely Saturday, or What Not To Do On A Weekend

Bright and early Saturday morning the call came through, followed by a text message. "IT" was on its way. "IT" (almost as scary as the same titled book by Stephen King) was a very large, very full POD containing Youngest Child's belongings that were packed up and shipped from Kentucky and stored here in the area short term. "IT" is very expensive to maintain. So The Father cleared the garage to made it storage ready, and we arranged to have "IT" brought to the house and deposited in our driveway- just like this:

Looks good,no? Well it would be, IF that was OUR driveway "IT" is sitting on! However, the POD arrived on the truck bed and the drama began.
The neighbor next door immediately had a problem with "IT" being plopped in the driveway and began a long and heated conversation with The Father as well as the truck driver. Said truck driver just keep looking and shaking his head "no". Didn't look like we were going to be getting Youngest's things no matter what. First, he paced off the 16' I guess is needed (we were never given delivery specifications and "IT" fit just fine in Youngest's small driveway at her Kentucky house. Seems the way the houses at our end of the world are situated, 16' put us onto the city sidewalk, so we would be against code. Code or no code, Neighbor was not letting "IT" be put down overlapping her grass. We had another problem. "It" would overlap our small landscaped area at the driveway. What to do? We couldn't put "IT" in the street in front of the house; we need a city permit to do that and it is Saturday AM, mind you.
Youngest is now freaking out, The Father is less than happy, The neighbor is miffed, Truck Driver is looking annoyed. My solution? Call the Good Neighbor! So we did and she generously said "of course!"... she even came out and moved her car into the street so we could get "IT" into her drive.

So there "IT" sits. We unpacked "IT" right away- walking the furniture and boxes (and everything else) around the block onto our driveway. Good Neighbor ran out with a heavy and very well received hand cart for our use (God Bless you, Good Neighbor, God Bless). By the time the afternoon hit its peak, the women in the house were bearing this label, and probably more than earned it:

But we managed to pack, cover and protect the large furniture in the garage, bring the "in-house boxes" up to the second floor to determine what goes into the attic and what stays in the main house. The hallway outside the bedrooms still contains lots of these in need of unpacking:

But the priority of the day was to take down the little (uncomfortable) twin bed that occupied the former guest room and put up Youngest's real, honest to goodness, sleep like a baby, comfort to the max bed. Looks good!

In fact, the honest to goodness, comfort to the max bed is so comfy, Spoiled Doggie gave up this favorite sunny spot in the room

To claim this new one as his own. how can one argue with this much happiness?

And thus as the no good, infuriating, exhausting, happy-it's-over day drew to a close, and the moving bruises started to pop, the women of the house sat down to one of these (hand made by Youngest)

And several of these:

and life was good.
The End (for now at least!)


Quilts And Pieces said...

OMG! Not a good weekend. But I think I would like a drink of that wine!

Sharon said...

Glad you have a Good Neighbor! When I saw the wine bottle label, I thought perhaps you had it made just special for your Other Neighbor. Anyway...glad your lovely weekend is OVER...hope the next one is MUCH better! Hugs!

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