Aug 12, 2010

My Workspace

Once again, it is not technically Wednesday, thus the omission of that word from today's post title! You know the old adage: A day late/A dollar short? I'm one up as I'm not a dollar short for a change, and I think any one reading this blog can forgive my being a day late. Life happens, you know!
So without much more fanfare here are two of the current projects on my work table (and the ironing board- which accounts for the weird angle of the quilted piece).

These little (5" finished) blocks are a group challenge from Kathy Tracy's yahoo group. She had collected floral FQs and decided to do some "Romantic Stars". They will be quite lovely. I don't often do lovely, and had a charm pack of Miss Jump's Scrapbag I had forgotten about. I pulled some of my favorite pieces and set to work making Miss Jump's Stars:

I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to set them yet, but I do know the piece of fabric they are lying on will NOT be used *smile*! Stay tuned.

Next up is a little quilt- frankly just a cute square in a square. I had a small piece of a bucolic farm toile and wanted to do something with it other than just sit and pet it. Since I've spent the summer playing at city farming. and being somewhat unsuccessful- darn squirrels. I thought I'd just throw it into the center piece of a little quilt. I love playing in my sizable stash. It's about time I did so. Collecting fabric for years is great- but if it never sees the light of day,it becomes a waste. I get that now!! Won't stop me from collecting, but I've promised myself I will use it not just love it from afar. This little goodie needs only to have the binding finished; I think it needs some defined quilting in the outer border as well. I'm not sure what just yet. It can live in it's present form for awhile, don't you think??

And there you have it! Workspace "Wednesday" on a Thursday no less! But I'm sharing...yes indeed, at least I am sharing.



Sue said...

I love what's on your workspace.

I'm usually late with my posts too. I don't know why it is except there is really a lot going on in the summer months.

Hope you can spend some more time with your creating:)

Michelle said...

That's the best part about blogs - you blog when you want too! LOL!

I really love your stars! My favorites are patchwork, log cabins & stars. Can't wait to see yours done (smile).

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sharon said...

Sawtooth stars are one of my favorite blocks, and these are so cute! I'm afraid I have not got anything going on my mojo has melted in all of this heat! But you are inspiring me to get busy!

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Hi Karen,
Your group challenge blocks turned out wonderfully. And I love the little square-in-a-square quilt with the farm toile. What a fun use of that fabric. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love that outer border fabric on the 2nd one!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I love designing small quilts and dolls, so when I found your blog I was delighted and had fun viewing yours. Great choice of fabrics! Thanks for sharing and I will visit you again.

Cheryl said...

Karen, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your challenge blocks. I don't normally do 'romantic' fabrics either, so it was really a challenge for me just to find something in my stash that was appropriate. I will follow your blog so I can see your progress.

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