Jan 20, 2012

Hello, Old Friend

Not only is this a greeting to anyone who stills stops by to see if I am still around and blogging, but it is also a very excited greeting to my sewing machine, who has not seen any activity since August of 2011. Some of you who read this blog may know that our family was throw into a bit of turmoil at the end of the summer, and any extra activity such as sewing, blogging and the like came to a swift end. Here we are six months later, and life is returning to it's natural order- a bit different- but less stressful to say the least.
There have been some changes that have done me well. Leaving my job was one of those changes that needed to be done, and I did it willingly. I have learned two things:
1. Poverty wasn't going to be my middle name (smile). I could do without the money I brought home each month. I just would have to mind my spending.

2. In the new order of things, not spending does not impact my ability to quilt.

How does one acquire a stash the size of ...well let's just say BIG!
I know, I know. Working at a quilt shop gave me the ability to see it all, and then indulge myself whenever I wanted to. There is none of that now, and don't get me wrong- I'm not complaining! In fact, I have been thrilled with jumping head first into my stash. Why, just look! My stash did this:

This is my 12 Days of Christmas project. Done from scraps and gave me that good old feeling of satisfaction I used to get after a night of piecing. This little beauty was a blog mystery over at Temecula Quilt Shop's blog, and it just called my name. I knew I could do it. I knew I certainly had enough just in the scrap bin to make 3" blocks. I knew I had plenty of FQ's for the borders. I knew I had to start sewing again.
Just to be sewing again is a joy. I have plenty to keep my busy well into the next century, and now that things have settled into a daily routine most days I am taking full advantage of this crazy life of mine.
It is nice to be back!

I may become a better blogger, who knows! I do know I am learning to be a better person :-)

So hello old friends. It's nice to be back.


Diane said...

Well, let me be the first to say 'welcome back to blog land'! I LOVE your Temecula mystery. I made one too. I like your fabrics better. :)
A good fun quilt to help get you back in the groove!

annieb said...

Welcome back, and good luck with the stash busting...I am in the same boat, and I am embarrassed to say that I could quilt forever on what I have in my closet.

lynneUSA said...

Welcome back, you were missed. Are you doing the small quilt challenge as well

Cheryl said...

Welcome back! Your stash produced a great rendition of the 12 Days. I know I could probably sell my stash on ebay and use the money to feed a small country! well, maybe not, but it seems like it.

Carol said...

Welcome Back! It's wonderful to see you again...you have been missed. Love your little quilt!

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