May 15, 2011

Talented Friends

It is always nice to have friends you love to quilt with, but when one is extremely talented, it is always a pleasure to see what she has come up with "now"! No pattern is left untouched by her own spin on things- to a beautiful ending. But now she is designing...and this first attempt is amazing! You can see "Jack's Wild Ride" here as she got up the nerve to enter it into the Quilting Design Star contest being held by McCall's Quilting Magazine. Go take a look!! Better yet, vote for Jack.

May 1, 2011

Stopping to think....

this video made me stop and think. It made me really think. I loved this thought: "exercise the goodness instilled in us". I find it profound. I find I am not always nice. I wasn't nice when I saw said video was produced by Mormon Productions. Why? No good reason. I just have these preconceived notions. Interesting isn't it that our preconceived notions can make us act less good. Less civil. Be it a homeless man in Central Park, or an entire faith community- why should we think out of ignorance?

I think I want to start exercising the goodness instilled within me more. I think it could make me an even happier person in that I would be less judgemental. I try not to be, but it just happens. I'll try harder.

That's all.....
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