Apr 23, 2011

Primitive Stitches

In my last post I raved about the new Primitive Quilts magazine. I still do! Yesterday I finished the top to my first project: Primitive Tulips. I am quite happy with it. The photo is a bit off, the brown is deeper, but all in all it looks good!
Now on to another quick and easy one- Jan Patek's pillow. I love her houses (always have) and this one is sweet. Wonder when I can sneak in a few minutes of stitching this weekend??

Apr 17, 2011

I'm in love!

Yes, indeed. It was love at first site. Have you seen this?? My roots fall firmly in the primitive quilting arena, so having a magazine geared towards those of us who love this part of the quilt world just makes my heart happy. I am working on my first project from the magazine- a small piece by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.
Scrappy, wool applique, what more could I ask for on my happiness level- definitely a 10 out of 10!
Now if the sewing room can just be uncovered...I forgot to take before photos of the room- probably a good thing as I don't want to be responsible for any one's heart failure. But wait til I photograph how I spent my Saturday! Let's just say that it entailed 3 large wall units, a huge fabric collection and a 6.5" ruler. I'm not sure my hands will ever be the same {smile}. Now that I may have peaked some interest, I need to get ready to head off to work. I'd rather be home finishing up the organizing, but at least at the shop I can get some stitching time in the quiet moments.

Apr 8, 2011

Another PIP block

I managed to find some time to sew another Patriots in Petticoats block- to keep myself busy. The block for today is Hannah Hendee's block. Hanna single-handedly saved not only her 7 year old son from the British (Indians in Vermont would travel with the British soldiers and steal men and boys to sell for bounty) but also was responsible for securing nine other small boys. The Captain of the British camp was intimidated by her determination, but this block held little intimidation- it was straight forward and fun to make.

Because it went so well, I decided to play with colors on a possible Block of the Month for the shop. It will be a sampler if it works...and now I see I have one bit of unstitching to do! Can you spot the mistake! I'm calling it a night.

In the Mood

Yes, I've been in the mood. In the mood to purge, that is! Maybe it is the arrival of spring, maybe it is the mountains of stuff that seem to just grow around here. Maybe I've become "thisclose" to being a hoarder!! Anyway, I've decided this is the year I become lean and mean..around the house at least. Not that I couldn't stand purging those extra pounds I've been lugging around. But I digress.
I decided to start with the attic. I need to clean out the sewing room so the attic- where all extra things go to linger in an unused life- seemed the best place to start. I started with the extra books, patterns and staples that were stored there. I went through the boxes of excess fabrics, I looked at all those block of the month kits being stored instead of worked on. Decisions have to be made. So I picked a logical place to start, and dove in. By mid-afternoon I had filled 3 garbage bags with junk, filled several large boxes of things that can go to the Trash and Treasure sale our church has yearly. I pulled out extra books, or those I knew I'd not go back to - quilting or other wise. Then I found an plastic envelope and looked inside. Quilt blocks! Nice quilt blocks. Swap blocks- Bulls Eye- primitive in nature. OLD!
I was actually glad I looked in the envelope. I could have just tossed it without looking. It was mangled and old (yes, I've already made that point- old!!). The decision was to toss the mangled plastic envelope, and bring the blocks to the sewing room. The next day (Sunday) was a self-declared sewing day. I measured up the blocks and found few that were the same size. From those that were near "perfect" I determined that they should have been 8" blocks. I could square them up to 7.5" and only lost two in the entire pile (they were only 7" to start!). I'll get those on the back in the end. Squared up, laid block to block on the floor, rearranged somewhat and then sewn together. All in just a few hours time. Not bad to get this in the end:

it is basically basted- I think I've decided to do a baptist fan on it- in big stitch. I don't use a hoop when doing a more primitive stitch, and I think this is a perfect project for that sort of loose interpretation of quilting. I'd love to start this weekend, but alas- I will have to wait. I won't share a photo of my foolishness, but for those of you who may have ever slammed a finger in a car door you know what mine looks like. For those of you who aren't so clumsy (distracted, that is!) let me just say it "ain't pretty"!! I'm at day three, and at least the throbbing has stopped for the most part! The swelling is going down but the beauty of the black/purple/red combo will linger quite a bit longer I believe. Oh well, can't do much more than wait for the swelling to go down a bit more and then try to fit a thimble on it and get to work!
Until then I'm sure I can get myself into some other trouble. Spring is really here this weekend. Maybe some garden clean up will be good.

Apr 3, 2011

Week in Review

It was a very busy week. It started out on a sad note when we had to put my sewing buddy, Miss Izzy Guinea Pig, to sleep on Monday. She had a cancerous tumor and then developed a respiratory infection that led to an ear infection. Poor dear. She played her best Camille for me (but acted fine for everyone else). The sewing room seems very quiet and lonely these past few days. We gave her a lovely burial under a slab of patio stone. I'll put a pretty basket of flowers there come summer.

Tuesday I grabbed a train and sped my way to New York City, where I was fortunate enough to see the Red and White Quilt collection hanging at the Park Avenue Armory. It was jaw dropping incredible. Took quite a few photos but will share just a few with you. It will be hard to decide which ones!

Wednesday and Thursday were regular days with my Grandson. We both have spring fever, and love being outside. Mud be darned!! That is what galoshes are for, no??
Thursday night was spend preparing to return to work on Friday. I've been on leave for a very long time, but Mother is settled now in her new living facility. She is safe, well fed and beginning to be a bit more at home. We're getting there!

Sewing will be taking a bit of a back seat until we wave good-bye to youngest child come Friday. She will be dragging two huge suitcases and a ticket to London from where she and the boyfriend will pack up his car and make their way to their new home in Scotland. It has been awhile since we were empty nesters here, and it seems a bit strange that we will be again. I'm sure I'll adjust-eventually!
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