Nov 28, 2007

Because you asked!

I mentioned taking a few photos of the fabric drawers, and because First Born asked to see, I felt it necessary to do so *smile*. I am also still very much thrilled by looking down into perfectly organized drawers and seeing exactly what I have, fabric -wise! Doing all this re-organization also has made me realize I NEED to go on a fabric diet. "Yes, a fabric diet is definitely needed", I told myself that as I folded, refolded, cut odd sized fabric pieces into useables- putting the rest into the scrap bin container. Naturally, no sooner did I tell myself this would be a good thing than I walked into work yesterday to find the newest Jo Morton collection had arrived. I tried hard not to look and kept remembering the following mental pictures:

1. The stuffed fat quarter drawer #1

2. Stuffed FQ drawer #2

3. First drawer of half -yard cuts:

4. Second drawer of half-yard cuts:

What I'm not showing you is the drawer of straight quarter of a yard cuts (not too many- not a measurement I'm fond of!) and third yard cuts. Both share one larger drawer, and there is room for more- IF I liked those cuts! I go for the bigger is better school of thought! I'm also NOT showing you the 2 full drawers of one-yard cuts...just imagine the above photos and think more of the same!

So the organization is complete, I'm happy...and I am promising myself no more fabric until I use up (most of) what I own! There! I've said it. Now I have to stay honest and stick to it. Wow..a resolution and it's not even the New Year .

Nov 27, 2007

organizing, decorating and finishing up

Tis the season...The Santas have returned to grace the mantel and Christmas decorating is underway. I've decided to down size ALOT, and am pleased with the results...tomorrow, my day off this week, I'll put up the tree in the dining room and call it a job well done!

Speaking of jobs well done- I've felt paralyzed by the mess the sewing room had become. I've been totally embarassed by the amount of fabric I had carted up to the attic since I ran out of room in the shaker cabinet in my sewing room. The small dresser I was using just wasn't adaquate either so I got a bright idea (helped along by the fact that mice had gotten into a fabric bin in the attic and had a field day with several pieces).... I would change out the dressers! With Youngest Daughter off on her own, she really didn't need the large triple dresser that was taking up the wall in her former bedroom- in fact, the small upright dresser would be perfect for her visits home which are few and far between. So I purged, cleaned and moved furniture all weekend. Here is the result- and please over look the tack hammer I left out!

This is a perfect arrangement. The wide open space on top of the dresser is ear-marked for my new lap top. I felt I was worth it, and Santa agreed, so it should be arriving in a few short weeks! I'm excited, and will now have EQ6 at my finger tips so to speak. But back to the purpose of the dresser. The left-hand drawers are packed with fat quarters standing straight and tall three rows wide. I can see exactly what I have now! It is a good thing. The bottom left drawer holds FQ collections (3) and my special group of "Worn and Loved" that I hate to cut into. The center drawers hold one yard cuts and the right-hand drawers hold two side by side rows of half -yard cuts. It is a visual feast for the eyes. I should have thought to take a photo of the inside organization! Maybe tomorrow.

This is a close up of my favorite Pincushions! They now sit eye level on the dresser top. I don't have the heart to use them for their intended purpose. I just love looking at them!

And below is my new favorite book!! I picked it up from "The Boys" at Woodstock last month and couldn't wait to make at least one little project. Since I had ordered copies for the shop and knew they were on the way, I did just that so I can make a small display now that we have the books as well.

This is the pink and brown quilt I decided to do first. It was fast and easy and I just loved the use of buttons to tack the cream squares ! I hand quilted this one primitively and just love it. Wonder if Youngest Daughter would mind if I took over the little bed I painted and dressed years ago for her American Girl doll. I have visions of it holding lots of little quilts! Hummmm....

Now if there were just more hours in the day, more days to a week, and more weeks to a year! Just think of what I could accomplish! But alas...

Organization is a good start however. Now I feel I can actually finish those projects that are 95% done...and need to be finished asap!

Nov 25, 2007

returning to blogland

Your fairy is called Hex Goblinfly
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears black feathers and rose petals. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

for some reason, I found this little exercise totally delightful and the jumpstart I think I needed to return to blogland! I've been reading blogs- just not commenting or writing anything on my own. I think I've felt a bit paralized- don't know from what (other than too much to do and too little time?), but I am feeling a bit less disjointed and think it is time to crawl back out from my self imposed oblivion.
Since my last posting I've enjoyed little pieces of life's treasures. My son's wedding, having my girls home- ever so briefly- family, friends. Halloween-that day I think should be a national holiday- brought smiles and giggles as the hords of very poliet and appropriately dressed children rushed to the door. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Again this year we- meaning husband and I- spent the day with family and friends. It was a delightful day which made up for not having any of my children close by and celebrating with us. "The newly weds" had their own Thanksgiving feast for family, while the girls either entertained a dear friend who came to visit or worked all day doing what she does so well- caring for those horses she loves so much. That in its own way is a blessing...knowing that all the work put into raising well-adjusted, productive children was worth every minute of staying home all those years and being "mommy". I've also seemed to have traveled back in time, re-nurturing friendships years old. In a note I recieved from one of those friends just this morning. I had to smile and nod in agreement- she was quick to say that we all chose to take on selflessness in order to raise our families, and now it is time to become a bit selfish and nurture ourselves. Part of that nurturing is going back to beliefs and values instilled in me as I was growing up in a world that was totally different from today's. Gives one much to contemplate along the lines of what it is we want for ourselves now at this latest stage of our lives. I think I know, but the journey is still unfolding!
For now, I'll just be happy in the (not so) little things in life- family, friends, the ability to make each day count. I'll also continue to smile over silly things- like fairie names!
I hope today finds you smiling over something silly and counting your blessings as well.
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