Jan 28, 2009

Snow Snow and More Snow

Today is the kind of day I really miss having a camera. We are in the mist of yet another snow storm. The shop has declared a snow day- the roads are terrible, and the meeting I was to attend out in the woods (yes literally!) is postponed until Friday. None of the shop owners involved wanted to make the dangerous trek. Can't blame them.

We are supposedly in for another 10" by the time this storm ends later tonight.

I'm nursing the beginnings of a cold, so I am more than happy to stay home and be productive.

I've already baked my favorite coffee cake for our Quilter's Circle meeting tomorrow night, I've done the handouts for February's block of the month, and printed out the patterns for the little baby quilt I made. I'm drowning the germs in cranberry juice laced with seltzer and have decided to forget about the nap I thought I might take, and prepare some rabbits, vines and blossoms for machine applique. I'm achy but not all that tired. I have a movie to throw into the DVD player and I think in the end I can declare it a productive snow day indeed.

Darn it all...I really, really miss that camera. It is so pretty outside- just the kind of day I'd love to photograph. Hope the repairs go on schedule and I can get it back soon. For once I have lots to show, and no way to show it! Go figure.

Jan 21, 2009

Change Has Come and Some Marathon Sewing

I think I started watching TV even before the White House changed its web page to reflect our new administration! It was an amazing day on many levels, and I for one am glad it has arrived.

I love this next picture! Sasha, this is exactly how I was feeling yesterday! And btw...you look awesome!

There is much work to be done, but at least there is a feeling of hope. It won't be easy; there are no quick fixes, but where there is hope....

On other fronts, I did manage to do some fun sewing while the little sewing room TV got a work out. I am making (what I think is) an adorable little baby quilt. I found the pattern on the web and had to make it. The fabric companies have so much stuff on their websites- I could just download patterns for days. This one is for a work sample and is made of simple squares- I chose sweet baby pastels- and then has a branch (a funkier brown and pink dot-like fabric) and a momma and baby bird (again funkier blues- one a large dot for momma, the other a swirly squiggle for baby). The top half and all the applique is done, today is the bottom so it is ready for quilting.
What? you ask...no photos??
Well, unfortunately you will have to wait to see my latest projects (except of course the swap blocks I am embarrassingly behind on) because my brand new, what I thought was so wonderful camera up and died on me Monday morning. I won't even hint at my reaction-- this is a family friendly site after all- but let me tell you it wasn't pretty!

I'll share photos as soon as I can- for some reason the quilting bug has hit hard and I am just sewing my heart out. I know there is one member of my family who will find that of great comfort! Seems first born prefers that I quilt rather than create "altered art"!
I'm quilting, first born, I'm quilting!

Jan 13, 2009

Spending time on my other blog

I've done so little quilting of late- as you can tell from my lack of posting. But the quilt muse is finding her way back! If you're interested in what I've been doing in the meantime...do visit my other blog- you can get there from my profile.
I had the pleasure of attending a lecture/trunk show by Mark Lipinski (Quilters Home Magazine) and let me tell you- if that man is anywhere in your vicinity- run, don't walk to go hear him. I laughed for 2 hours straight, much of that time with tears streaming down my face. He is hilarious and pretty much right on when it comes to his take on quilting. Made me take a second look...it all boils down to if you're not having fun, why do it??
I think I was becoming one of those quilters who was taking herself way too seriously. I think I need an attitude adjustment. Thanks Mark!
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