Mar 19, 2013

Out Like a Lion

This blog (and my stitching) has been temporarily interrupted by Mother Nature.
I'll be outside shoveling (again!)...


McIrish Annie said...

Was definitely NOT happy this am! we only got about 3 inches. We are sooo done with this, we said "forget it!!" and didn't even

thankfully the roads were fine.

Carol said...

OH MY GOSH! Enough already! No more snow for you! We'll see if anyone listens..LOL!

Mardi said...

I am up in my new room taking a break and pondering the shade of barely there ocean meets sky blue aqua. My windows are like new and as I sit and sip the snow outside is beautiful. Then again, I don't shovel anymore. I'm in the sky flying through the air breathing in anticipated color of a dawning spring. Can you tell I am a Gemini?

Oh, wait this is about you, Karen, shoveling and being interrupted, I sorry that is happening to you and I love you GB quilt. I would cross hatch it...but of course I would..

Sunday? And. Monday?

Noel said...

Like the echo of the chimes and pillars!

Mary Ellen said...

And March is really going out like a lion. I shoveled a small part of the driveway yesterday - mostly to get to my car. Went to work at noon. When I got home at 4:30 Nikki had shoveled the rest which was really the bulk of it.

Last nights snow is staying right where it landed. My left shoulder is telling me no more lifting just about anything!

That's the neighbor's trampoline, right? Or did you take that up as more exercise -- wait, I know. It's Goobers!

Can hardly wait until Monday! See ya then! Oh, and if you're talking to Carol - we've all had enough snow around here.

And Mardi - glad you are in your new room!!

Paula said...

i don't envy you! I am about ready to build an ark... we are getting some heavy rain.

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