Mar 14, 2013

The Creative Process

Any creative process has to begin somewhere, and yesterday between a nap here and a nap there the latest one began. In a word: cutting, cutting, cutting. I love these fabrics. Sturdy batik cotton, rich colors. Not something I would have chosen myself (at least not at the time I acquired these). These lovelies came in their own cotton sack, along with instructions and the prod to not worry about cutting mishaps- just do your own thing. Not that I always get crazy about cutting, but I do try to be extremely precise. Yesterday was another story. My fuzzy brain couldn't wrap itself around WOF versus Length. And in stitching a few pieces together I found that my ability to read numbers and fractions was a bit off. BUT!  This project is one that is very much forgiving, lends itself to doing your own thing and is turning out wonderfully. Today while I'm still fairly awake, I am going to stitch up the last panel (making some adjustments for yesterdays folly) and call the top officially done. Can you guess what this is going to replicate yet?? Oh, btw, no fair enlarging the above photo on the off chance it will tell you what I'm doing (smile).

To Be Continued...


McIrish Annie said...

Hope you are feeling better! I like the solids have been thinking about doing one with solids. can't wait to see what you've got cookin' there.

Mary Ellen said...

So whatever you're doing is not a life long project which means it's not applique. have me intrigued.

I did try to enlarge the photo - but couldn't read a thing. So, your secret is safe. I'll have to wait for the big reveal. At least you're feeling good enough to sew and that's a good thing even if the brain is a bit foggy!

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