Mar 7, 2013


I find Mother Nature to be a bit cheeky today. I have just closed the cover on my latest read, Eowyn Ivey's  The Snow Child, and looked up to see swirling snowflakes cascading past the dining room windows. Really?? Again? I hadn't even wiped that tear from my eye (I am a sucker for stories such as the one I just finished), and "spring" has gone back into hiding?? Perhaps I need to pull out my fur hat and leather knee length moccasins and make like Faina?? For those who read the book, you will totally understand. If you have not- do so. It is beautiful- the book that is. As for the return of a wintry mix, not so much. I am an adult and have grown weary of all this cold and snow. I unfortunately left childhood behind me last night when I walked out of the Arts Center at 9pm!  Yes, yes, I are wondering if I have (snow) fever. No, not in the least.  And now I am convinced that you think I've gone completely mad! Perhaps in a way I have, but let me illustrate (these are unedited photos, raw- straight from the camera card and truly quite fun!):

Question:What does it take to turn a room full of grown adults into giggling, gasping, delighted children??

Answer: An array of those silly glow sticks, a laser light and a darkened dance studio!

Last night's photo shoot revolved around "bulb" mode (I found it easily!) and "painting with light".  It was so much fun, and all of us really did giggle and have the best time jumping, looping, drawing and generally throwing caution to the wind with those light sticks. In bulb mode, you must use a tripod (note to self: get a tripod), and your camera is set to shoot what it sees within a time frame you give it. These were shot at a 4 second delay.  Our group was at the end of the dance studio with the bar and mirror so we got reflections in the background. That was fine- actually it was kind of "cool"!
Adulthood can be over-rated sometimes and last night was one of those child-like experiences that left us all grinning ear-to-ear.

So let it snow (again!).  I will choose my next great read, remember jumping around with a glow stick, and perhaps cut a few more fabrics to finish off row#3 of the Temecula project I am working on. Life is good.


Mary Ellen said...

Oh, my -- so those children had left elementary school a few years ago? Looks like a lot of fun. I never did know there was a bulb mode on my camera. Then again, maybe on the old 35 mm film camera it was called something else.

Glad you had fun cause I did notice some of the white stuff falling. I did like Saturn (as in my car and a planet) until the snow hit. Jerry's at work and I'm wondering if I'm going to get out. Good thing I don't have far to go.

Noel said...

Oh my, what fun! And yes, the very next thing you purchase should be a tripod. Wonder for holding camera steady for those close-ups and night shots. So glad your class is teaching you so much, and I wish I could be there, too!

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