Jan 7, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside....

(our first post - Christmas snow storm )

There's been a whole lot of this  (see above photo) going on around here lately...and it should be an invitation to do more than what I've accomplished (which is next to nothing) of late! Well, yes... I've shoveled. I've also gotten pretty good at jumping snowbanks and walking on ice. I've even taken to wearing a god-awful knit cap on the night time walks.
What I've not done, however, is step foot in the sewing room. It is still a jumble of books, mirrors, misc. electronics and bars of soap, shampoo bottles, boxes of new bathroom goodies and a few new quilt books (just 2, really...just 2!).

After spending some Nana time with my little digger man today, I arrived home to see my beautiful new tile almost totally installed in the tub area. Tomorrow the floor goes down. I am getting so excited!! The new storage cabinet is primed, and although I at first thought it looked awfully big, after thinking of ways to display and store extra towels, bath supplies and the growing stash of magic elixirs for my aging face and body I am getting the itch to get in there and "decorate"! I'm also getting the itch to sew!!  It's been a very long time since I've felt like it. Kathleen Tracy, who authors some of my favorite small quilts books, is doing another small quilt a month challenge for 2013. I gave up on trying to meet my goal of 12 quilts in 2012- circumstances were such that I just couldn't, and I finally decided not to beat myself up for it. I accomplished quite a bit, and am very happy with each of my little quilts. I even finished a massively large quilt for my son. I should take stock and refresh my own memory of what I truly accomplished. I am now trying to decide what small quilt to make for January. The assignment was wide open: any quilt from any of Kathleen's books, or one of the free patterns she has put up on her Yahoo group. I think that once all the holiday decorations are tucked safely away in the attic later this week, I can take stock of my fabrics and have a better idea of what I might like to "whip up" this month. I also have that Gee Bend quilt project nicely stacked on the sewing table, and fabrics for my Mill Girls blocks on the cutting table. It feels a bit like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I have the Poppa, Momma and Baby size projects spread out all over the room....what to cut? What to sew? Which way to turn??
The new year is barely started and already I'm developing Quilter's A.D.D. ???  Maybe it's just that I'm getting excited to start stitching again, that's all....yes. Definitely. That is it...
I'm excited. The new year is full of new possibilities and projects new and old. Time to also think about some of those UFO's that really should be finished ASAP.
What exciting projects to you see on your horizon this year?  I hope you are excited about getting to them .....
(and now, I need to put on that god-awful knit cap, pull on my boots and take that last night time walk with my four legged companion. Tomorrow will be here before we know it, and since I have my amazing workmen arriving on the doorstep by 7:30am each and every day, there is no sleeping in going on here! )

Night, night to all....sweet dreams.

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