May 21, 2007

Who Cares If It's Raining...

Normally, rain and temperatures in the 40's wouldn't bother me in the least; however on the 18th of May' outdoors under a large tent complete with (very cold) plastic chairs it was just a bit icy!! Most of the family was gathered for the graduation ceremony of child #3 (the last) from her college just outside of Boston. We huddled together, proud as punch, and very glad we talked Grammie into wearing her winter coat!

The procession started off with Bag Pipers (always make me misty eyed- I love bag pipes, but don't quite understand why). Pomp and Circumstance followed soon after as the 250 graduates arrived full of hope for the future. The ceremony was full of excitement,the keynote speaker -Swannee Hunt- enjoyable and the star of the day is ready to head off to save the world (or maybe just a horse or two!).

She had set high standards for herself, and got her greatest reward- Summa Cum Laude! She did us all proud. Even the rain couldn't put a damper on the day's festivities. The pretty new dress and open toed shoes were left behind, and the full-footed wedges and the long pants were worn for a second day. It was , as Martha would say, a very "good thing"'s just a peek at what the day was like:

Rain soaked and chilly feet!

Needless to say, with all the activities of the week before graduation no sewing got done. Now that we are back home, today is laundry and a quick clean up. I do think I may try to go say hello to my sewing room later this afternoon. There is an odd ball in the sky trying very hard to send light and warmth. It is done somewhat intermittently and it feels like a long time since we've last seen that thing called sunshine. I'll have to check and see it it really, truly exists! The forecast for my return to work promises 85* by Thursday. Doesn't it just figure?? Oh matter! We've managed to get the last kiddie thru college. Watch out world here she comes!!

May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Being mother's day, it has been a lazy day for me. Yesterday we celebrated my hubby's birthday and he snuck in a gift for me as well. A new digital camera! What a lovely Mother's Day gift, and totally unexpected! Now to learn all the bells and whistles. My daughter owns the same camera and claims it is easy. We'll see.
Today Husband, Daughter, my sister and I took my Mom out to lunch at her favorite restaurant. We had a lovely time, and as a treat for us "moms" our waitress ended our meal by bringing the most scrumptious chocolate dipped strawberry to us with wishes from the staff. We thought that a most thoughtful gesture, until we took our first bite! Thoughtful is hardly the word, nor does scrumptious fully describe the confection. As a deep sigh escaped I couldn't help but say "I have three children!" hoping for extra special consideration. My sister almost lost her strawberry she laughed so hard! We do believe the strawberries were soaked in Grand Mariner... oh so delightful!
I hope all the mom's that have become a part of my life have enjoyed a very special day.
God Bless us all.

May 7, 2007

Spring Has Finally Arrived

What a joy it is to see my gardens starting to bloom. It is a virtual treat for my eyes, but my body is screaming! Cleaning and grooming all the beds will be tougher this year, but it is wonderful to feel the dirt in my fingers, and see blossoms starting to emerge on my favorite tree. The "sticks" of my lavender plants are still bare, but little green shoots are beginning to poke out and test the air around them. You can smell lavender when working around the plants and that too makes me happy!
In the back the daffodils are beginning to wilt, but the signs of coral bells, hosta, bleeding heart and the asters are loving the new found spring warmth and have decided to begin poking out from the grounds. Just as exciting is the expanding area of Lilly of the Valley. I started with just a few "pop them in here" shoots and now they are beginning to naturalize. It is still hit or miss, but I am going to let them do what they want! I love the very back of the gardens as it is my little woodland space. Hard to find woods in the city, so the area under my large Maple will have to serve as such. It works. This year I want to finally get my Adirondack chair and stool so I can sit out back and enjoy the solitude with either a book or some applique.
Just as wonderful is that we have new neighbors behind us now. I met Margaritte yesterday as she worked at scraping the remaining vines off the side of the house. This house has always served as a rental to college students and although they were never noisy, the house and the small grounds around it were less than attractive. To my delight, Margaritte told me she'd be living in the upstairs unit, and the male of the family worked hard replacing a cement walk to the back door, cleaning the years of overgrowth and weeds along the fence line and alley way!! It will be a pleasure to have someone to talk over the fence to! I'm looking forward to that.
But first, more bed cleaning. Just a bit more, anyway! And the wicker furniture needs a good bath, and the wrought iron for the deck could use a good cleaning as well. Perhaps by this weekend I'll be ready for coffee on the porch, or the deck! I can't wait!!

May 3, 2007

Paducah goodies

I promised I'd show a few of my purchases from my time in Paducah. I'll show you a few now, and a few later in the week...below are some fat quarters I purchased at a vendor at Kentucky Oaks Mall. I was good...I had several cute patterns in my hand, and decided there was not enough time for the MUST DO's , so when would I find time for "cute"!

On my first trip to Hancock's of Paducah I just walked the land and picked up a couple of little things off a sale table (like a set of Marti Michele templates for $4.00). Our second stop was supposed to be quick, and all the while after the first trip the kit for Peas and Carrots was just nagging at me! I was bad...very bad. I needed it to stop, so I put it in my basket and happily walked on. I think it was the darling children and equally darling little animals and the ability to spell out my favorite veggies that got me- the tin lunch box was just a bonus! I also HAD to get the fat quarter set of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum collection. And the perfect patten to make with it....
I also found some charms of repros for $3.95- and thougth it was perfect for my scrap quilts...

I will use the fq bundle to make this (Martin's Pennies).
I had read about this fabric system in a magazine, and watched the demo at the Vendor Mall at the Expo Center. When she held up a tiny packet of fabric and announced "this is five yards" I was hooked! If only any of us had the forsight....we'd be rich! I folded 3 yards onto one of the plastic sleeves and think I can surely store a heck of a lot more fabric very neatly...but the pocket book is closed for now....they'll be used, however, they WILL be used! I liked the idea that you could fold all the fabrics for one project onto a sleeve, insert the pattern and hang it from a peg. Imagine- never forgetting what I bought that fabric for again- BEFORE I cut into it and then remember!!

My last show and tell for today is a pattern I saw made up and immediately thought of my daughter, Julie. This one's for her!

More later...right now I am off to lunch with the aunties, tired to beg off, but they beg better!

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