May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Being mother's day, it has been a lazy day for me. Yesterday we celebrated my hubby's birthday and he snuck in a gift for me as well. A new digital camera! What a lovely Mother's Day gift, and totally unexpected! Now to learn all the bells and whistles. My daughter owns the same camera and claims it is easy. We'll see.
Today Husband, Daughter, my sister and I took my Mom out to lunch at her favorite restaurant. We had a lovely time, and as a treat for us "moms" our waitress ended our meal by bringing the most scrumptious chocolate dipped strawberry to us with wishes from the staff. We thought that a most thoughtful gesture, until we took our first bite! Thoughtful is hardly the word, nor does scrumptious fully describe the confection. As a deep sigh escaped I couldn't help but say "I have three children!" hoping for extra special consideration. My sister almost lost her strawberry she laughed so hard! We do believe the strawberries were soaked in Grand Mariner... oh so delightful!
I hope all the mom's that have become a part of my life have enjoyed a very special day.
God Bless us all.


Carol said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day...just the way it is supposed to be.

Marisa said...

I've never thought about doing that to a strawberry, but it's a good idea. We usually cut them in half, rub them in sugar, and take our creme brulee torch to them to make a sugar encrusted treat. Anyhow, happy M day to you!

YankeeQuilter said...

I once had a dish called peppered strawberries! Some sugar is melted in a pan with a touch of water, the strawberries are tossed in to coat then a jigger of Gran Man. and a jigger of Sambucca is tossed in. Stir and take off heat. Add a bit of cream then grind some pepper over the top! Sounds crazy but it is wonderful in a crepe, on icecream or plain cake!

Dawn said...

MMMMM, now I may have to stop at the confectionary in the foo foo town I drive through on the way home for one!

Libby said...

Mmmmm - sounds delightful.

atet said...

Oh how wonderful. Chocolate AND strawberries -- how much better does it get?

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