Feb 20, 2011

I Made A Quilt!

I made a quilt! Yes, I did! I made a quilt. It isn't a big quilt. Actually, it is rather a little thing...quite small, but I love it. I do, really. It isn't a perfectly perfect little quilt. I still love it. You see, I haven't sat in front of my sewing machine (or any other machine for that matter) in over a month. This week is my Jo Morton Club meeting for February; I can't be there this month as I will be with my Mom, but I wanted to complete the project. Last month we received our first installment of Jo's new Little Women's Club for the year (#10). Lizzy's Quilt was a good way to start- something one could finish easily. For me that meant declaring this past free weekend "Me Time". I even considered spending all of Saturday in my PJs. Didn't quite do that- but I did manage to pull fabrics from my Jo Drawers and scrap basket. I even managed to rotary cut all the pieces I'd need for little Lizzy. Then I managed to (shhhhh....) turn on the sewing machine and set it to sewing. 1,2,3,4....little pinwheel blocks. 4 little 4 and 1/2" pinwheel blocks to be exact. Sew, press, square up. 1,2,3,4...
Set together into an 8 and 1/2" center block. Press. Square up. (How am I doing?). Top inner border. Bottom inner border. Four outside borders. Done! Well, almost....Actually I was done in. This was quite the accomplishment seeing as I had put a very full week behind me. Sunday afternoon I had more "Me Time". Time to revisit little Lizzy and see what I thought of her. Not so bad....now to finish this. Batting, backing, just the right thread, wind the bobbin, load the machine, sew away. Cross hatching never felt so good. Simple. Just right. Maybe not perfectly perfect, but I'm learning to embrace imperfection. She is lovely. Cut the binding strips- 2 to be exact. Remember, this is a little quilt. Sew the binding, making those self mitering corners. Nice! Sit and stitch it all down by hand. Not perfectly perfect, but nice non-the-less. I declare Lizzy finished. I show off my handiwork to Youngest Child. "NICE!" she declares. "It matches your rabbit." she adds. Indeed it does. It will now be known as Rabbit's Quilt. Rabbit is happy I made a quilt. I am happy I made a quilt. It is a small quilt, but it is good. Oh! Would you like to see? OK...behold!
My version of Lizzy's Quilt (for Rabbit).

Feb 19, 2011

It's Been A Long Week

It has been a very long tiring week. By yesterday afternoon I was praying for patience and pushing myself through the next hours. Caring for mom can be difficult on many days, but when exhaustion sets in- it becomes particularly difficult. But this too shall end in a few weeks when we have her in her new living situation where we can be assured she'll be safe and cared for properly.
The days with my most adorable grandson are my respite days. By Thursday of this week, we were finding ourselves enjoying almost balmy weather. The kind of weather where no matter what, one puts on hat, gloves and boots and heads outside for a change of pace!
After our exploratory walk up the street and back (melting snow rushing down the hill into the grate is fascinating to a 20 month old), we decided we'd gather snow:

and build a mini snowman!

as fun as this activity was, grabbing handfuls of snow and pelting Nana with "snowballs" was much more fun! I have to agree. It felt great to laugh from the bottom of my soul!

I hope you have a chance to find these kind of days too!

Feb 13, 2011

Go Grab a Cup of Coffee

There isn't much that grabs my attention (and keeps it) these past few weeks. I'm among the walking exhausted...Without any whiny details, along with sitting for my 20 month old grandson (and apple of my eye!) 3 days a week, we have also taken on family care for my aging mother who is waiting for placement in a safe, skilled nursing facility. We have found a wonderful placement- modeled on the Greenhouse Project for elder care. The only problem right now is that it is not slated to open for another 3 weeks. We trudge on- and do what we need to do. Not much time for reading or emailing- I hope those who visit this little blog will bear with me, and for those I faithfully follow- I read when I can, but have little time for commenting. I use what little time I have for myself wisely-groceries, laundry (you know the drill) and then I hit the sack! Long days- short nights, but this too shall pass.

Are you wondering why I wanted you to grab a cup of coffee?? Not so you could sip and listen to me lament. Heavens no! I want to share THIS with you all. I found it mesmerizing (and not because I'm bleary-eyed!) and think you might too. Enjoy!

Feb 9, 2011

Passing it on

In my last post (Feb.5th), I mentioned that I was thrilled to be nominated for a Liebster Blog Award- given to small blogs with under 300 followers. Boy do I fit the criteria!
I also promised I'd be listing my own nominations and was waiting to hear back from the lovely ladies I wanted to recognize. As of now, I have heard back from Linda at the Quilted Pineapple and am so happy to recommend her blog to you. I just know you all will like it as much as I do!
Stop by, say hello, and enjoy her posts. I LOVE her latest work in progress- a woolie rendition of Edyta Sitar's Hop To It. You can see that book here ( click the link to books) along with her newest book- Friendship Strips and Scraps. I have to get that book, just so I can make the cover (house) quilt!

Happy quilting! Don't forget to stop by and say hello to Linda!

Feb 5, 2011

You Like Me!

Anyone Remember Sally Field's acceptance speech years back? That was exactly how I felt last week when Annie emailed me and told me she would like to bestow a Liebster Blog Award to me (well, to my little blog, actually). It was a nice way to perk up a day that was less than stellar. Not to go into any detail (everyone has an imagination!),however, I was quite under the weather not only with snow storm upon snowstorm, but with a horrid stomach bug that was wreaking havoc. I feel more human today and can think clearly enough to post a "thank you"!
I've often thought of this blog as a way to just clear the air, brag a little, or share a bad day/happy day/quilt project/life thought. Never expected to cause any ripples- but i did once, to a fit of hysteria when my daughter informed me of my 15 seconds of fame as the younger set took my post to task for a day or two. It was a fun flash in the pan of the blogging world.
So thank you Annie for finding my blog worthy of reading. Most importantly, thank you for saying it was one you found creative and humorous. Sometimes I take myself way too serious, but try to write with a "twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face".
I will be back with another post after I contact the bloggers I'd like to recognize as ones that make me smile.
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