Feb 19, 2011

It's Been A Long Week

It has been a very long tiring week. By yesterday afternoon I was praying for patience and pushing myself through the next hours. Caring for mom can be difficult on many days, but when exhaustion sets in- it becomes particularly difficult. But this too shall end in a few weeks when we have her in her new living situation where we can be assured she'll be safe and cared for properly.
The days with my most adorable grandson are my respite days. By Thursday of this week, we were finding ourselves enjoying almost balmy weather. The kind of weather where no matter what, one puts on hat, gloves and boots and heads outside for a change of pace!
After our exploratory walk up the street and back (melting snow rushing down the hill into the grate is fascinating to a 20 month old), we decided we'd gather snow:

and build a mini snowman!

as fun as this activity was, grabbing handfuls of snow and pelting Nana with "snowballs" was much more fun! I have to agree. It felt great to laugh from the bottom of my soul!

I hope you have a chance to find these kind of days too!


Libby said...

That may well be the MOST adorable snowman I have ever seen *s* Glad you got to enjoy the 'good' weather. Looks like it's over for now . . . at least in my neck of the weeds.

Cheryl said...

Adorable mini snowman! Take care of yourself and I hope the few weeks passes quickly for you!

annieb said...

Glad you a granny time to help you get through the week. Take care of yourself too.

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