Mar 31, 2007

Hard to Believe

It's hard to believe that it is over a month since I've last updated my blog. The winter season came to an end after a prolonged bout of illnesses for this house! Thankfully that is all past me now, and spring is on the horizon although I heard the word *snow* forecast for Thursday and Friday! In the mist of all the trauma and drama of my being sick and my DH being hospitalized with pneumonia there were some bright spots. A little package arrived one day out of the blue just when i most needed a pick-me-up. Seems my daughter who is in Kentucky on an internship decided to stop by Quilter's Corner in Lexington and shop for a little giftie or two or three...for her momma! Imagine my delight. I don't have a FQ any thing like the one's she chose, nor did I have any of the patterns she sent! The "baby turtle" one is adorable and was in honor of Tippy Turtle, who grew too large for our home and was reluctantly sent to live with others of his kind at a nature preserve. I think it will be nice made in more realistic grown up colors! I have looked at the Sew Be It pattern several times, but never bought it, and the charm pattern was perfect! I had my eye on a charm pack of Renewal by Jan Patek and this would be perfect to use as inspiration!! I can now understand the excitement of getting surprises from home when one is so far away- this was the reverse and made my day.

As I mentioned, hubby was in the hospital quite sick for the space of a week. A very sleepless week for me, and even though I felt brain dead, I needed the distraction so I pulled out the charm packs I had set aside and did mindless straight stitch sewing at night when I had a hard time falling asleep. How easy a project when everything is pre-cut for you to the exact size and all you have to do is hope that you don't set too many of the same patterns next to each other. I think under the circumstances I did just fine. Once things settled back to somewhat normal and I didn't have to spend my days at the hospital, I pulled some of my favorite elements designed by Jan Patek from here and there to begin filling the large border spaces. The pattern from the above photo has very pretty girly- girl flowers fused and stitched to the borders. Pretty with a girly-girl print, but not as primitive as I like. I think this fits so much better. I intend to add the year (2007- I'm staying positive about finishing this one!) to the bottom border and continue the vines and birds and berries theme in the side borders.

Renewal Charm Quilt:

Close up of top border:

On the work front, I have the main top together for the employee trunk show featuring the book Winterberry Threads by Need'l Love. The "naked" blocks will get wool work and I would like to design my own border, different from that in the book. I'll have to check on that one. I may have to stay true to the book's design. Either way it is a fun project and I should finish it soon. I have until May 1 now, thank goodness.

Other than the above sewing I have felt "quilting paralyzed". I think that has caused some chuckles from several friends! One said she thought I was paralyzed by my stash. Hummm....could be!

I am participating in a block swap and will tell you all about that one later. I also have a Round Robin in the mix and just got to see the border added to my center block! It is such a beautiful addition. I'll show that to you all later as well. A girl has to keep a few secrets under her hat now doesn't she! Not for long....just long enough to keep you checking back. *smiles*

Feels good to be back....happy spring!

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