May 17, 2008

Sittin' Around Waitin' for the Paint to Dry

Well, this is it...the moment of truth! One coat of paint has been applied to a small portion of the living room wall so I could contemplate how it will work with : 1. the dark woodwork, 2. the couches (see pillow- and why I didn't want to go "beige" and boring), 3. the few framed pieces that will go back on the wall and 4. the carpet.
The room is perfectly nondescript: light toppers on the windows, light couches, semi-light carpet. The big pieces of wooden furniture have warm maple coloring and I want to get rid of the brass and glass hand-me-down coffee table... maybe even that huge, heavy walnut side table on the far side of the couch. The room feels like it is a clean slate, and can handle some color. "Golden Bear" is nice. I do like the color so far. Not quite what I expected, and I've dropped the window shades a bit to see what happens when the room gets dark. I think I still like the effect. Kind of dramatic for our house! The fireplace wall will get deeper more dramatic colorway for that little bit of wow factor. Let's hope. The dog isn't saying much, and he is the only other living creature to share this experience with me today (at least until the male inhabitant returns from the Yankee/Met game in NYC). See a sneak peek below- not that it is anywhere near standing in the room itself:

Oh well, I can keep eyeing it and thinking until Monday when the painters return.
Our bedroom is shaping up. The wainscoting got its primer today. The whole room is starting to scream "cottage" to me and I am very happy. In the meantime, I have banished myself to the sewing room as I have projects to finish by the end of next week. Here is a photo of a holiday candle mat made from Holly Taylor's new fabric line.

Notice the "lovely" silver background! I have the beginning of my 4' by 8'design wall sitting against the wall. I need to cover it with flannel (or batting) and then get it up on the wall permanently. The other blocks on the wall are my Orange Crush blocks from the Quiltville mystery by Bonnie Hunter. I think mine should be called "Make Mine Guacamole":

when you work in reproductions most of the time that is what your scrap bin is filled with. Actually, the gold will look nice with the new "Golden Bear" wall color-- hummmmmm.

Once the chaos is over, things will work out fine I'm sure. I just can't get over how much stuff there was in those two rooms! Much of it will not be going back. Clean slate remember! Only the very special items will return and then I can add to the home dec. as it needs it! Hunting out the perfect accessories can be fun.

Until then, I guess I will just concentrate on getting the stuff for the shop done and clean up that slate too! The older I get, the less chaos and mess I can stand *smile*.


Lynn Dykstra said...

The bit of paint photographed looks great!
I like how your Orange Crush blocks are turning out.

Malagueta said...

I love the way the patterns emerge and submerge in the repro quilt!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I LOVE your blocks! They are gorgeous!

Libby said...

Love that wall color . . . similar to my kitchen *s* No wonder I like it *lol*

Kucki68 said...

Your OC blocks look good. I am currently looking through the ring to get inspired to finish my 16 missing stars so I can move on to step 5.

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