Nov 27, 2009

Grateful Musings

This is my first truly official month of being a "Charming Girl" and with that comes the November Tag. Kelly asked us to share some things we are grateful for AND one of our other hobbies.
The other hobby is fairly easy- I've fallen under the spell of scrapbooking/minibook making and altered art. I won't bore anyone here with endless musings about my other works of art- I'll let you discover it IF you want. I keep a second blog which hasn't been updated much. You are welcome to visit should you wish. I've contemplated merging the two, but I find myself here on this blog more often and feel it is more a representation of who (and where) I am right now in my life.
So on to gratitudes. I feel that my life is blessed in so many ways. I am grateful for:
1. a wonderful family who put up with all my creative messes
2. an extended family who can brighten even the darkest of days
3. laughter
4. a warm and cozy home;my (poor neglected) gardens
5. becoming a grandmother for the first time, and having the ability to care for my little man several days a week
6.Friends who round out my life and make it richer each and every day.
7. Becoming a Charming Girl just before the group was closed to new members!

I am truly a lucky woman....

Now since November is drawing to a close (how did that happen so fast!!?) I will fess up that I did not get time to complete the small list of November accomplishments I had hoped finish. So with the holiday crazies really coming into high gear I will spend what quiet time I can grab for myself this December continuing to work on both my Jacob Ladder blocks and Baking Day blocks. My half square triangles for the sew-along are still giving me fits of indecision, but I hope to get my mind made up and get the borders finalized by the end of December as well. Then I can get it off to be quilted. I'm looking forward to getting really organized in 2010 and getting lots of those older projects off the shelves and finished. Like the "Little Engine Who Could"..I'm just going to tell myself I know I can!
Happy Stitching

Nov 3, 2009

Charming Projects

November is here,and I'm set to work on the next round of projects. This month I am committing to finishing the tops for two older block of the month's that have sat idle for way too long. The first is Baking Day by Lynda Hall (Primitives by Lynda):

The second is a shop BOM from either last year or the year before! It is a Jacob's Ladder done in (mainly) the beautiful Worn and Loved line of fabric I fell completely in love with! This should look wonderful once done. I can't for the life of me remember if I decided to add a border or not- so I have to go searching in the fabric drawers and see if I did buy yardage. This is one quilt that doesn't really need to be bordered,so either way it will be nice to have it done and off the "to-do" list!

I am also pretty much on target with the Half Pint Sew Along! I really like the softness of the 9-patch top. I wasn't sure, but it does work....

Now to decide if I really like the plain red HST border, or should I "follow directions" and make the scrappy red ones??

Comments please! All thoughts will be appreciated.

I'm off to stitch!
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