Sep 6, 2010

So Where Have I Been Exactly?

I'd like to say I've been hanging out with other wonderful quilters, stitching my fingers to the bone, enjoying laughter and companionship. I'd like to say I have gotten so much done no one would believe me. I'd like to say...
what exactly?? Maybe the girls know??

I may not have hung out with the girls, but I have been stitching my fingers to the bone. It is September! How did that happen?? The heat (oh, the heat!) was pushed aside by a Canadian cold front (thank you Canada!) which kept Hurricane Earl from causing too much havoc, and today I woke to a balmy 48 degree morning. Actually it was loverly. I am surely hoping that the 90 degree days are behind us. Schoolchildren return to the classrooms of NY this week, so naturally we will get a mini-heatwave. It's tradition. But, Fall looms in the air, and it excites me to no end. Fall is my favorite time of year!! You can tell by the work I have been stitching on. Would you like a sneak peek? Yes? Ok, here goes!

What could these little cuties be looking at?

Could they be looking for a roost like this little guy has?

Maybe they are worried this one is too lop-sided for all of them to call home.

Stay tuned,I'll let you in on their secret in just a little bit!

I've also been constructing a house! Yes, a house. Ok, so not a cut the lumber, drive the nails kind of house, but a house none-the-less. Next Sunday, I will be packing my house (and the needed construction tools: needles, threads, fabric scraps...) into the car and heading off to The Quilted Crow in MA. I am very excited to meet "Simply Libby" from blogland! A small group of us will be working on Folk Art Gathering, a new pattern by Cheri Saffotti-Payne. We will be working right along as Cheri designs. I have parts 1-3 in my possession, and even Cheri isn't sure how many parts there will be in the end. I love a good mystery!
I'll share a peek at my house-even if it is still under construction. Just a few more timbers to top and bottom and I'll be set to get to the applique next week at "The Crow".


has become this:

and I hope to get to little log cabins this week!

And there you have it! Where I have been- besides soaking my poor sore fingers!
Are you curious to see where all this goes?



Karen said...

Wonderful prim projects! And I wish I could be there with you to meet Libby. You all have a good time meeting and working on your project. You can't go wrong with a Cheri pattern.

Cheryl said...

Are the birdies from a book with Mistletoe in the name? Remember seeing something like them before. Have fun at your retreat.

Carol said...

I am loving your cardinals! What a wonderful project. Have tons of fun with could you not?

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Your prim projects are great love the crooked tree!

Yourcardinals are looking great also.

Thanks for sharing!

:) Carolyn

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