Sep 26, 2010

Ahhh--It's Time To Relax

Relax. Just for a minute at least. I've finished. FINISHED! Three more quilts are sewn, quilted (thank you, my wonderful, loverly machine quilter!), bound (at least 30 hours of binding over 5 days) and given to their new owners. I am thrilled. They all turned out well, and I am now able to think about getting back to my Cheri Payne project, and begin seriously collecting fabric for my big 2011 project. The joy of it all. You can read about the fun we had meeting and getting the Cheri project off the ground here
As for the quilting frenzy back here at home, here is the very LARGE Yellow Brick Road quilt. It was a long over due retirement gift for a friend. Hey, she heard all about how I'm on the "Five Year Plan". I was only 6 months behind on this one, but I got brownie points for giving it to her at her birthday celebration. This picture really doesn't do it justice, but it is as good as it is going to get:

Here is a small close up. The colors are off here too. I used the Blackbird Designs fabric line, Aviary by Moda Fabrics. It is much prettier than these photos show.

The backing shows a bit better. I just love this graceful bird toile. You may see some of the cabbage roses that were quilted:

Next is the lap quilt I made for the hubby. No particular reason other than I am trying to make sure each family member has a quilt from me. Both girls have one; my mom has one. Now the hubby. In the works are quilts for son and DIL. The baby got his at his shower (amazing! something that was early!!), but the "2 year old quilt" is planned and fabrics ready for the making, and he is only 15 months old right now. I have plenty of time, lol.
Anyway- back to the husband quilt. He is quite pleased with it! I'm glad.

And last but not least, I did tease a bit in this post by showing you my little red birds and a silly tree. My flannel and wool applique project is done! I love it, the family loves it, my partner in crime at the shop loves it and the shop manager thinks it is spectacular. That is a very good thing as it is my new Block of the Month offering. It has been selling just by word of mouth and by my working on it during down times at the shop. I think it is going to sell out soon. That too makes me happy. It is always nice to have all your hard work appreciated. So here is the finished wall hanging, Festival of Trees from the book Juniper and Mistletoe:

and a small close up of just part of the top. Hopefully you can see the quilting in the blocks. I love it. I love everything about this one, and hope it can come home to roost very soon. I'd love for it to be hung on the landing as our winter quilt. What do you all think??

and so now you know why I'm ready to relax just a bit. Not long...I would certainly get bored. So in the meantime, I've decided to do a purge of the quilt room and the overflow in the attic. Too many patterns, too many books way too much fabric. I'm hoping to get a table (or two) at the local Quilter's "Garage Sale" held each year at a local high school. It will be a good thing. Maybe then I won't feel so guilty or overwhelmed by all the projects that are going no where. I just bet there is a quilter or two out there that would love a new book, pattern or half finished project that needs a good home!


Candace said...

Your YBR is lovely, I love that pattern and I love pink. Your hubby's quilt and the wallhanging are awesome too.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Cool! You got some great quilts finished! That must feel really good! Your Mistle toe one will be gorgeous come xmas time!

Carol said...

OMG I'm hyperventilating over your Christmas's awesome! Your Yellow Brick Road is sooooo pretty! Can't wait to watch your progress with your big 2011 project! That's going to be so much fun!

Cheryl said...

I am sure your retired friend will enjoy the quilt. I never thought to make my husband a quilt. Everyone else in the immediate family has one made by me. Your BOM is stunning. The color choices are rich and elegant. I like yours better than the one our shop displays. Too primitive for me. Does your shop have this kitted?

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