Jul 4, 2008

Taking Advantage of a Quiet Morning

Amazing..here we are half way through the year already. I must have blinked one too many times! But here it is -July 4th in all its glory. As I made a short grocery list, the husband hung out the flag and put up the bunting as I arranged our tall Uncle Sam (carved from wood), his folksy "Let Freedom Ring" plaque at his feet, and hug the tin star on the front siding. I was then ready to go and get the fixin's for the super simple,but simply delicious baked beans so I could put them together before heading off to celebrate with family and friends at the first real picnic of the year.

After all was accomplished, I decided to get creative until departure and worked on my 52 card technique book. Below is what came from my assigned tasks...2 down 7 more to finish. A week away sure sets a girl's schedule back some!

This first card is a "time saving technique". The journaling work was already done by whom ever wrote about (or on) a photo. I chose this one because I just think my dad was a handsome young lad and I love the family photograph with my grandparents. Since there is no evidence of his younger siblings- my twin Aunts, I would imagine he was about 4 years old so that would date the photo to 1929. Photo portraits like this were made to send to relatives in the "old country", and apparently this one was no different. On the back post card side was a note written in Bulgarian. I don't know who wrote it (my grandmother?) nor why it was never sent. The ink identification is in my mother's handwriting.

The back of the card is the technique "recipe" and I decided to embellish it to make it mimic the front. I really enjoyed this technique and will undoubtedly use it more should I find other photos like it with notations on the back.

Our second assignment was an "artful technique". We were to emboss and use acrylic paint resist.

I just loved this stamp set. Very old fashioned. My card is very, very subtle, and I could use some more practice, but all in all I do like the results. Next time, I will use more contrast in the artist card. The inked "giggle" is too close in color to the background card( and really should face the opposite way).I also need to get better at inking the stamp with the clear embossing ink so it doens't smear in in some spots. Can you tell I love to embellish! I just had to add the button and sheer ribbons. girlie--definitely girlie!

Now I should spend some time cleaning off the sewing table, get the machine out of its suitcase and get some quilting done. Maybe by Monday ?? *smile*

I need to retire and become a complete lady of leisure...there are just too many creative ideas floating around my head these days. But alas...not yet!

Off to relax with a movie...Hollywoodland. Hope it is good.

We'll hear the fireworks from downtown in about an hour...maybe the movie should wait. I can do the Boston Pops on TV...after all it is the 4th!!

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