Aug 22, 2007


Don't let the title of today's musings make you think I'm relaxing after a day of strenous cleaning...just didn't happen! Instead I spent a rather nice day taking my mom on a bus trip to the Sagamore Hotel for lunch and some shopping at the outlets in Lake George. She was happy, so it was a good day.
The housekeeping I decided was well overdue tonight was my uploading photos to webshots so that I can remove hundreds of photos from my digital camera. I think that in itself is a bit of housekeeping that is long overdue. Most of the photos are quilt related! So if you have a few minutes and would like to look at some of the quilts that were shown at the Vermont Quilt Festival this year, the above link should hopefully work in getting you there

Aug 21, 2007

Becoming Titled

What fun. One can get their own title just by clicking! And mine seems oh so perfect since we have been on a mouse hunt and thus the added bonus of looking for the mousehole all week! Two mice down, no hole to be found, and so far so good. I'm a happy camper! So that led to my own set of giggles when my Perculiar Aristocratic title appeared! Who would have thought...

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Grace Lady Karen the Somnolent of Mousehole by Sea
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Aug 19, 2007

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

It is as if a touch of fall has settled in the Hudson Valley. It is cool, but sunny and overall the most pleasant of mornings. Makes me want to share!
I figured if I can't share the lovely morning, I could at least share a few photos.

One of the things I love about August is that the garden becomes a playground for Monarch butterflies. This rather lovely creature had the best time flitting from bloom to bloom last evening. Naturally he (she?) was in full wing when I grabbed the camera and aimed, but as soon as I pressed the shutter button those magnificent wings just folded up. No matter- I love this shot anyway!

I am also working on a "reward system" set up for myself. I am working on Baltimore Bunnies by Bunny Hill Designs as a BOM at the shop. I have told myself for each finished Baltimore block I can make one Rabbits Prefer Chocolate block. Seems to be working...I do have more Baltimore blocks done, and will allow myself to mock up a couple more Chocolate blocks later this evening in hopes that one night soon I might have some free time! It doesn't look good this week, but you never know when you can sneak in a little bit of applique! Here are the reward blocks so far- minus the embellishements that will wait til the end.

First Reward Block:

My second reward block:

Who could have thought rabbits could be so much fun! Now it is off for some R&R with girlfriends. We "need our Sundays"...brunch, giggles,!! Does Sunday get any better?? I hope yours is just as good!

Aug 18, 2007

Time Warp

I feel as if I got lost in a time warp since I last posted. It has been over a month since my promise to show more of the exhibits at the Vermont Quilt Festival and then I got lost in travel, graduation party planning and the big move to Kentucky. Work also plays a factor in the black hole the summer became! Here we are in mid- August already, and next week doesn't appear to be any slower than the last few have been. But no complaining...instead I'll just back up and start where I left off- my time at VQF which I knew would be the last of the quiet times for a few months.

From the comments I've recieved on the last postings The exhibit of Rosie Lee Thompkins was well recieved. I still marvel at the way African American Quilters have tweeked the craft. Rosie's quilts reminded me of the quilts of the Gee Bend quilters. A marvelous history lesson.

The second exhibit that tickled my fancy was the antique quilts. These were shown in one of the large exhibition halls at the Exposition Center just down the road from St. Michael's College campus. The venue is wonderful and really lends itself to lingering and taking everything in. The small exhibit of doll quilts was facininating. Many of these shown below are from the collection of Judi Gunther. I was able to take a class with her , and can say she is a delight to be with.

This small showcase made me miss my days crafting miniatures (dollhouses and furnishings!)
The pieces were truly small, and very charming.

The following two doll quilts are part of Judi Gunther's collection:

The small churndash to follow was not. I will have to go back and reference it as to its owner, but loving churndashes as I do, I was delighted with it! My best bet right now to bring my blog up to current events is to get my photos uploaded to my webshots page. I will then let you out there in blogland know when I've finished that task and you can go take a look at the beautiful antiques and the show quilts from 2007. If you are interested in more information about the festival you can go to their link at

Happiness is finding my way back to blogging, now to just have the time to continue keeping in touch.

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