Aug 19, 2007

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

It is as if a touch of fall has settled in the Hudson Valley. It is cool, but sunny and overall the most pleasant of mornings. Makes me want to share!
I figured if I can't share the lovely morning, I could at least share a few photos.

One of the things I love about August is that the garden becomes a playground for Monarch butterflies. This rather lovely creature had the best time flitting from bloom to bloom last evening. Naturally he (she?) was in full wing when I grabbed the camera and aimed, but as soon as I pressed the shutter button those magnificent wings just folded up. No matter- I love this shot anyway!

I am also working on a "reward system" set up for myself. I am working on Baltimore Bunnies by Bunny Hill Designs as a BOM at the shop. I have told myself for each finished Baltimore block I can make one Rabbits Prefer Chocolate block. Seems to be working...I do have more Baltimore blocks done, and will allow myself to mock up a couple more Chocolate blocks later this evening in hopes that one night soon I might have some free time! It doesn't look good this week, but you never know when you can sneak in a little bit of applique! Here are the reward blocks so far- minus the embellishements that will wait til the end.

First Reward Block:

My second reward block:

Who could have thought rabbits could be so much fun! Now it is off for some R&R with girlfriends. We "need our Sundays"...brunch, giggles,!! Does Sunday get any better?? I hope yours is just as good!


Sweet P said...

Those are beautiful bunny blocks. What a fun way to reward yourself.

Libby said...

How fun to have the butterflies arrive . . . I'm trying some plants this year that I hope will bring more butterflies to my yard next year *s*

Dawn said...

It is a great pictue anyway! Man look at that purple and orange!

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