Sep 27, 2008

Where I've Been

Seems as if another month has past since my last post. This is getting to be a habit!
But bear with me...I was away for some of the time:

but NO! I wasn't in Paris....but hear it is lovely...

and No that isn't hubby and me in the gondola floating the canals of Venice- although someday I will get to Venice.

and NO...unfortunately no real Pyramids for me- this time around...

but you can see it all in Vegas!

We actually stayed in the Egyptian themed Luxor- not the Pyramid, but the towers. Vegas was incredibly fun. I didn't think I'd have as much fun as I did, but each day was a new experience- and we had plenty of those. The kids all descended upon Vegas with us. It became a big family party and I know that I had a nice time being with them all---melt downs were few and we did a lot! I will have to admit up front that the casino's weren't my thing, so there was no sitting in front of a one -armed (video slots now) bandit, or nonchalantly looking at cards at a poker table, rolling dice,or any other addicting games of chance. Call me a stick in the mud, but I did enjoy the shows, the weather, the spa, the pool, a quilt shop hop and the day trip of a life time...Hoover Dam, Good Ole Route 66 and the Grand Canyon! Walking the south rim and taking in the views of the canyon sure made me feel quite insignificant. Mother nature has a way of carving out such beauty. It was truly amazing.

Now I am home and settled- summer clothes are all put away, fall has made an appearance in the NY weather, and the Yankees have played their last game in the House that Ruth Built. I shed my tear or two and smiled happily as Bernie was there to take his place on the field to chants and thunderous applause..he'd come home for just awhile and the fans loved it! I loved it.

Time to settle in and let work take over. Fall market will be around the corner, quilt shows are everywhere, my guilds are getting into full swing and I feel the need to start nesting. I love the fall....

I have also begun a second blog- I didn't want mix my quilting (and musing) with my new art obsession...altered arts. That will make child #1 happy! She can read my blog here and not be subjected to that "other stuff" (unless of course, I specifically direct her to take a peek!). You can get there from my profile page...I'll be updating it as I get more into some of the swapping and mingling over at Paper Imagery Designs' ( yahoo group. I'm having a ball. I've also begun card making and will share some of those over there too.

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