Sep 30, 2012

A Visit to A Local Quilt Show

As I mentioned yesterday, I thought I would take a bit of time today for one of the local guilds' quilt  show. There were a few pieces that inspired me, and as I had hoped, my friend, colleague and extraordinary quilter, Pat Cunningham had several quilts on display. Two of her latest finishes took not only a first and a second place ribbon, but also exceptional merit ribbons. I am so proud and pleased for her!
There were also a few other quilts  that "spoke" to me, one using photo transfer that gave me ideas as to how to pay homage to my own daughter's years showing her horse!  It was nice to see some friends, catch up with some vendors I haven't seen in awhile and just take a bit of time to roam and immerse myself in quilts of all kinds. Can you tell I love Quilt Show Season? So much inspiration.
I snapped a few photos of my favorites (including Pat's of course!) and have made a smile box slide show for your enjoyment! Without any fanfare, here is a peek at Autumn Inspirations 2012 presented by Q.U.I.L.T.S.
I hope you enjoy!

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Sep 29, 2012

Blame it on the Full Moon

Yes, that is all I have to say for myself, after my behavior today! Blame it on the full moon. The pull of the tides of the brain. Has to be, what else could possibly explain the wanton seeking out of batik fabric that over took my being earlier today.
It all started with an email. Quilting buddies (no blog) Mary Ellen dropped me a note stating simply that Noel HAD to go to Gloversville for fabric and did I want to go along.  Of course I did. I rationalized my participation knowing that I had to get the backing for my son's (soon to be completed) quilt and have it ready for the machine quilter next Sunday. I have been told time and again by both these wonderful women that the Sewing Center is the place to go for batiks. What do I know from Adam?? I have (up to now) been a batik-a-phobe! They were awesome to look at, nice to the touch, but me? I'm a reproduction kind of gal. Until I wanted to make a masculine and some what contemporary feeling quilt that is. We won't get into all that just now.  Bright and early this am, I ran off to the hairdresser, then continued on to Mary Ellen's where she shoved me in the car (OK, OK...I went willingly) and off we drove to pick up Noel and hit the open road for the drive to Gloversville. I hadn't been to the center in many years and the drive was pleasant enough in spite of the rain. Friends have a way of making rainy days just a bit brighter, don't you agree? Once inside the shop, project in hand (along with a set of batik strips lord only knows why I had in the stash and an interesting pattern from I was pulling batiks and loving every minute of it!

Look what came home with me:

aren't they pretty! The bottom is a wide batik backing for son's quilt, the center is a gorgeous tree print which will be the border and backing for the Woven Basket Weave pattern, and the top brown/green/blue is for setting blocks for the basket weave.  Yup, its a full moon, definitely a full moon! Of course I did have to tip toe through the reproductions, but didn't even pull a bolt out of its shelving unit. Good thing- my repro cup runneth over to say the least! The girls had a grand time oohing and aahing over my choices, and each took great personal delight in bringing me over to the "batik side". I may never hear the end of this. But then again- that's what friends are for (or a full moon!).
It was a good day. Now I am off to the sewing room. It is to rain all day tomorrow. How sad- guess where I'll be? Photos soon, I promise :-)

What did you do under the influence of our full moon this fine month??  Do tell....

Sep 24, 2012

Welcome Fall

(photo taken in at my favorite apple Orchard a few years back)

Hard to believe we are officially two days into the fall season. It is my favorite time of year: the colors, the crisp, cool air (it was a whole lot crisper than I anticipated on my long morning walk!), the beginnings of that nesting impulse. I don't know why I am surprised it is here already- time has been marching on with alarming speed. If I was returning to school and had to write that yearly assignment : What I Did on My Summer Vacation, I'd be hard pressed to put something to paper. My teacher(s) would no doubt NOT be amused. I know I did things- I had to have as it is now the end of September, but I don't have anything to show for it. I guess that just means that I spent the time rediscovering my self and my environment. I did manage the beginnings of re-centering not only myself, but the living spaces of the house to make them more personal, more inviting for friend and family (as I define inviting).  In that new vein of making things more personal the living room got a new furniture arrangement:

(one can live without a television!) 

I made a few fall arrangements to grace tables and the front door:

The (now) small guest room went from this:

to this:

I managed to finally apply for and receive this:

 (U.K. Here I come!)

And have spent happy hours with this handsome man:

I guess throwing in a few doctor appointments, lots of walking, finally reaching a healthy weight (good- bye 60 pounds, hello size 8-10!) and beginning to feel a bit more like myself (who ever that is these days) all explains where the summer months went.

Now that Fall is officially here I feel more like sewing/quilting, have enjoyed my first guild meeting of the year and have started (are those of you who know me ready for this?) a batik quilt!! I love it and will share as soon as the two halves are pieced together. I'd like to get it to the machine quilter in the next week so that it is bound and ready for gift giving a mere 12 years after I solemnly promised I'd make one for my poor son. I may be slow, but to be perfectly honest and above board, I chose and disguared at least half a dozen patterns and added yards and then more yards of fabric to the mix that were rejected in the long run. When I saw the current pattern I just knew it was "The One". Stay tuned :-)

So I guess I'm back. At least I'm working my way back- and you just may hear more from me after all!

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