Sep 5, 2007

Playtime Is Over

Well, it is coming to an end... day #4 of 4 off in a row! I must say I got a lot accomplished over the past few days- I even knocked out another runner sample today, so am now almost up to date on commitments! Can I say I really feel good about it. It will probably take me 4 more days to clean the cyclonic mess the sewing room has going for it, but I guess that will have to be one of those "all-in-good-time" kind of things. Tomorrow it is back to work for all of two days before I return to my regular 3 day weekend. I'm getting spoiled and could get used to this easily! Saturday is the start of my Quilt Guild, and I'm excited. It is always a great girl's day out. Next month Kaffe Fassett is coming to lecture! Now that is one show-and-tell that will be of great interest!!

I'm anxiously awaiting the photo of child #3's latest project. She called last night at 9:45 to announce she was a "binding fool" and had completed 3 of 4 sides of the "couch quilt". Wanted to know if she should keep on stitching,or call it a night. I think it was just a guise to let me know she was "this close" to being Done-Done! It is always exciting. I think she decided to call it quits as she did call again today at about 2:30 or so to announce that she had taken her last stitch and was pretty proud of herself. Photos! I want photos!!

Weatherman is telling us that we're headed back into the hot and humid 90's beginning tomorrow. Yuck! Where is my beautiful fall weather? Ok, so it is only September and it is traditional in this part of NY that when the school bells ring on the first day of school the weather should turn hot, hot hot! I for one would love for that tradition to go the way of the horse and buggy.

And just a last bit of musing- look what is living part -time under my Japanese Maple tree! Oh so cute, and best yet, Goober Beagle could care less!


Jane Weston said...

Cute bunny! I agree with you about the weather and September. We've had virtually no summer here in the UK..we had a cold and wet holiday by the seaside and now..yes, now the weather has turned dry and warm just as the children have returned to school! It's so not fair! :o)

The Watson Boys said...
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Karen said...

Oh, cute little bunny. 90s in New York, too? Makes me feel less alone. They're predicting yet another week of highs in the 90s in Atlanta and I just think I can't take any more of this heat.

Carol E. said...

Kaffe Fassett?? Wow, I hope that's a blast. Let us know how it goes and how fun the eye candy is.

Dawn said...

Oh fluffy is sooo cute! Good thing Chloe isn't around - she can't resist rabbit meat! I want pictures too!!!!!

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