Feb 24, 2010

And It Just Keeps Coming

(scene from the upstairs studio window)

The snow keeps falling- it's been well over 24 hours! Wet,heavy, great for snowmen snow, but not so great for tree limbs and power lines! At last count I guess there are over 30,000 customers in the area without power. BUT...it really is beautiful outside.
the snowman across the street now looks like a giant marshmallow monster- and we're itching to get out and make one of our own. Guess you never grow up when there is a great snow storm to play in!!

On second thought- maybe I'll just stay in and do some studio organizing!


Mandy said...

Lol! That's not a storm! It's called winter and we use to get it in Labrador too but lately it's been above freezing and sunny... too sunny to keep snow or ice!

I hope you enjoy it... I really miss it.

Crafty Mama said...

That's just beautiful to me having never seen snow fall!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Yeah, just stay inside, sew and enjoy it from the window!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Shasta said...

I really enjoy snow - watching it from inside where it is warm. Even like going outside to make snowmen. Having to drive in it to go to work is no fun however.

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