Dec 29, 2007

holidays [part 4]

As you will likely notice this entry is entitled: holidays [part4] see the fun and games at the ole homestead in some sort of perfect order, scroll down to the first post holiday blog entry entitled something along the line of "Are they over ?" I don't even want to attempt to try to re-arrange the posts so they fall in chronological order! I just know I'll make them all disappear into the great unknown never to be seen (or duplicated) again!!

So now to bring this saga to an end. As I mentioned just below...the gift giving went on...and on...and on some more. It was actually quite delightful, but it was all before dinner! The first born had a bit of a kitchen theme going on this year...

lots of wonderful cook books, kitchen utensils and the like. She is becoming quite the cook- and is utilizing fresh ingredients in most of her dishes. I remember those days- before the incredible ease of eating out or freezer foods. It is something I should go back to on my days off - and then prepare enough to carry the hubby and I through the week. I have good intentions...just bad follow through. Perhaps this is the year I will try to follow thru. But please don't hold me to any holiday after-glow promises!!

Anyway..Christmas was a delight, and now that it is back to just the hubby, Goober Beagle and myself (oh yes, and of course Miss Izzie Guinea Pig), the ole homestead seems way too quiet!! Mr. Christ-moose is still here ready to party, and he and I wish you all a very happy New Year. My wish for one and all is one of health, happiness, and time to pursue the special things in life that bring a smile to your face. Holiday goodness is something I wish remained about this world more than over a few short days....Happy days ahead, everyone, happy days......

holidays [part 3]

Aunt Irene was so thrilled to get her portrait the tears flowed! Lacking Kleenex or a hankie nearby- tissue paper was the only alternative, and was quite efficient. I did mention that the ole homestead positively rings with the laughter of family when we are together - did I not??

The gift opening went on...
and on....
and on some more. DIL was thrilled with the Frenchy Bag made for her. Each of the three youngest girls in the family (and two of the best friends) all received a momma-made gift this year. No quilts, but I was still semi- impressed with myself!

I was also very pleased that the newly weds loved the framing I had done on the two special art pieces they won at the cruise art auction. That was a decision that took much agonizing and well over an hour of the frame specialist's time! But the reaction was worth all the mental "agony".

holidays [part 2]

Happy dancing down the driveway can be a delightful endeavor...happily it was late and most of the neighborhood was tucked in their beds or off visiting family! Ahem..youthful enthusiasm has its merits, no?

Remember, now, I did mention that there was someone not so patiently waiting inside for the child to arrive...
I'm not sure who was happier to see whom!

Goober Beagle positively danced thru the door so excited to see his "momma"!

Come Christmas day the family arrived in all their finery and the gifts were passed to the happy recipients.

I think mom was the most over joyed! She didn't let her favorite gift of the day leave her sight! All I can say is I am glad the newly weds were thoughtful enough to gift each of the family members with a portrait - or else there might have been a Christmas "brawl"!

Are They Over??

The Christmas holiday season sure came and left quickly! It was a whirlwind of activity at the old homestead....there was the tree decorating

the cookie baking...

and general merriment and hysteria...

(meet Mr. Christ-moose. He arrived just in time to add to our planned airport run to embarrass (oops....I mean welcome) the child home from Kentucky for a few days. Her cousins were in charge of "the sign" so as not to let me be the only spectacle when South West Airlines deposited the child on the ground at the airport.

There was a bit of chagrin on her part but the smiles from the other passengers and the passing comments as to where their welcome signs were made for many more giggles than intended. Then of course there was the added bonus of SNOW!!! You would think the child was deprived of snow for eons judging from her reactions upon getting out of the car! I'm glad there were still some snowbanks a-callin' in the yard to make the night just right.

For a minute I didn't think we'd get her in the house...but someone else was eagerly waiting and it didn't take long for her to skip down the driveway in anticipation (and wasn't Santa!)

Dec 17, 2007

Remembering the Classics

I had to get away from the sewing machine for just a bit. I know Christmas is just about a week away, but the poor thing has been working overtime! 3 gifts down, 2 to go and then I can call it done! I wasn't made to be an elf.
In the light of all this I've been keeping up with the little postings of both of my girls. First born had some musings today on watching classic Sesame Street DVDs with friends. She mentioned the crayon factory, and the mailman delivering mail in the applachian mountains on horse back. Kind of took me back to those years when the kids were young (and so was I!). Then I wondered if one of MY favorite clips could be had for the looking...sure enough there it was! Anyone remember this one?? Will anyone besides me get a huge smile on their face as the song plays? Will anyone sing along with me and just feel happy? I asked my hubby if he remembered this, or the crayons, or the MAILMAN?? The answer was always no. Hum....oh that's right. I got to stay home and raise the kids while dad went off to work. I felt a momentary pang of guilt...then I hit replay and sang again....
those were the days!!
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