Dec 29, 2007

Are They Over??

The Christmas holiday season sure came and left quickly! It was a whirlwind of activity at the old homestead....there was the tree decorating

the cookie baking...

and general merriment and hysteria...

(meet Mr. Christ-moose. He arrived just in time to add to our planned airport run to embarrass (oops....I mean welcome) the child home from Kentucky for a few days. Her cousins were in charge of "the sign" so as not to let me be the only spectacle when South West Airlines deposited the child on the ground at the airport.

There was a bit of chagrin on her part but the smiles from the other passengers and the passing comments as to where their welcome signs were made for many more giggles than intended. Then of course there was the added bonus of SNOW!!! You would think the child was deprived of snow for eons judging from her reactions upon getting out of the car! I'm glad there were still some snowbanks a-callin' in the yard to make the night just right.

For a minute I didn't think we'd get her in the house...but someone else was eagerly waiting and it didn't take long for her to skip down the driveway in anticipation (and wasn't Santa!)

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