Dec 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Well, I'm a New Yorker, what can I say! It's New Year's Eve and even though I'd never want to be a part of the sea of humanity in Times Square, I will never lose my love for that lighted ball! What would the count down be without all the fuss and excitement of watching the slow descent?
We all have hopes and dreams for the new year. We always have. I've found that as I age my hopes and dreams change ever so slightly. Not all that much- but now and again there are new twists.
I also have found that I am giving up the yearly cry of "This year I WILL_______ (fill in the blank)! Maybe this year I will (lose weight... be nicer... finish that age old project, etc.) and then again, maybe I won't. But one thing I do know is that I will continue to be thankful for the good friends I've made and will make...for my family who puts up with me...and for the ability to be who I am no matter what.
That being said, I did make a few resolutions. Dare I put them down in a public domain?? If I do, then I may have to actually stick to them! Ok! I got that off my chest,so, here goes... I would like to accomplish the following:
*Chose 1 (yes! just one!) "Just For Me" project for 2007 and carry it through to completion. My organized bins of started quilts is embarrassing. If I don't push to do it all, I should be able to do at least one , no?
*Learn that it is ok to set limits at work. Biting off more than I can chew is a habit with me. It goes beautifully for a few months and then the deadlines set in and the fun turns into "work" and work becomes troublesome.
*Knit a pair of socks. OK, so it involves a new skill, but new skills are good, right? If one's mind stays active and one's hands busy then that person can stay out of trouble. Hummmm.....novel idea!
*Get totally organized and stay that way. Now this is going to be a biggie, but I can do it with some self -discipline. Has to kick in sometime, don't you agree? Maybe 2007 will be that year.
Small steps. That is my resolve. This will be a big year. There is much to look forward to. Youngest to Kentucky for the next 5 months (oh to be young and have such opportunities!), and college graduation in May. Oldest to take orals in the spring and settle on dissertation topic. Son's wedding in October. They get to anguish over it all, and I'll feel every bump in the road real or imagined! What's a momma for!
So Happy New Year! May 2007 be one of joy, happiness and health to all my friends (new and old), family and others I have yet to meet.


Libby said...

Remembering to be thankful for the simple things is a wonderful resolution -- thanks for reminding me *s*

Dawn said...

Happy New Year Karen! I"d love to see your Millenium Garden finished. Heck I would rather see mine finished!!! Well the top anyway!! :)

Carol said...

What wonderful resolutions...we should all try to remember to be thankful for the simple things. Thank you for sharing :)

Linda_J said...

Hi, Karen--Dawn sent us over to help welcome you to bloggerland though it appears you have been at it a for a month or so now and now a part of the mavs ring. Been awhile since I clicked around there, LOL.

Gotta agree with that #1 thing--finish something for yourself. Hard to do when others are waiting for their quilts or asking "when are you going to make me one?" I have no problems finishing the donation ones as that is most important to me but my own stuff almost always gets pushed to the back burner. SO I'll nudge you on if you do the same for me.

Good to meet you and I've got your blog flagged for update notification.

Rae said...

Welcome to blog world. I enjoyed your blog. I looked back through you last few blogs and was very impressed. Your friend's Christmas quilt is so lovely and what a nice way to remember her.

I liked your resolution to remember to be thankful for the simple things

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