Dec 27, 2006

Oh what a day it was. Seems as if Christmas was so long ago now. This is one of my favorite pictures- Goober puppy opening his own gifts Christmas Eve. We didn't want to push the excitement issue with a house full on Christmas day,so he got to be the first to see what Santa had left in his stocking! I think there may be a "before" picture of the new Bo-bo toy. It didn't stay new about 3 short minutes the squeeker was pulled out and not long after the stuffing was all over the rug. But fear not! Bo-bo was under Goober's little paws in his bed moments later when the sheer exhaustion of all that play called for a nap! Oh how I wish I could nap like that!
More snippets of Christmas-tide and photos to come. It truly was a good holiday this year!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Ohhh Goober is sooo cute! Believe it or not the squirrels are still good and having fun at our house!

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