Dec 3, 2006

Show and Tell!

Here is the first of the show and tell photos. The actual "event took place this am at the weekly meeting of GFA (girlfriends annonymous!)held at our favorite diner. Before coffee I showed them the pumpkin seed quilt that I am hoping will be quilted, bound and ready under the tree for my eldest daughter. Now wouldn't that be quite the surprise! The only child to get the "college" quilt was the youngest- something that mom gets chided for now and again. My reply is simply no one specified which degree the quilt was for!
Anyway, I hope she likes it. I know I do, and it is wonderful to pull a UFO from the closet and be able to see it crossed off the list. What is even better is that it will fit in perfectly with the bedding set she bought last year.

This photo is the Sweet Columbine strippy quilt featured in the Spring 2006 Quilt Sampler. I intend to do the flowers and leaves/branches in hand dyed wools. I am very excited by this project and love the results so far!
This close up of the right upper top gives you some idea of the quilting done on it. My machine quilter said I left enough notes pinned to the top and hoped the quilting was "dense" enough! She got a good chuckle out of me this time around. I think what she does on her janome is amazing...wish I had time to really practice and build up confidence in doing larger projects!
Here is a look at the back- isn't it grand! It is the little things in life that can make me so happy. Make it two beautiful quilts in the works and I am delerious! Now that I feel I am on my way, maybe I can think about dragging down the decoration boxes in the guest room and set the house to holiday mode! Then again, I'm getting cocky and hoping I can whip up a little something for the son so he doesn't feel left out! We'll see. be super human. Now wouldn't that be nice!

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Dawn said...

Oh the pumpkin seed quilt is wonderful! And you did a great job posting! And I love the strippy one so far! I can't wait to see it with the stuff on it!

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