Dec 2, 2006

December 2nd ! Is it really December 2nd?
It was one of those "me" days where I merrily went along my way doing errands that needed to be done. I even got to visit a new-to-me quilt shop about 40 minutes away. I needed some 30's fabrics for a quilt I would like to finish as a Christmas gift for Daughter #1. Why is it whenever you get rid of things you don't think you are going to use, you need them. I had packed away pumpkin seed blocks long ago and got it into my head that I would pull them out, finish them and have a quilt all set to go. Not so easy when you've given away your bin of 30's prints!
The little shop was cute. And they had a decent collection to chose from. I found 6 prints I liked; 5 will go into a scrappy inner border and the 6th will be the outer border. Left over prints will all be sewn together for a scrappy binding.
John, the owner's husband, gushed over my top! Boy did that feel good. He liked my color choices and loved the fabrics i pulled off the shelf. There was a trunk show from Atkinson Designs and we discussed each of them at length. It was fun. I found an old top in the "for sale section" dated late 1800's. There was a huge chunk taken out of it, and I probably could have salvaged something from it, but it was $80. I wasn't sure it would hold up to that kind of stress, so I passed on it. I may find I'm going to kick myself somewhere along the way for leaving it there.
On the way home I stopped and picked up my strippy top from the gal who quilted it for me on her machine. I wanted it densely quilted and she teased me when she pulled it out of the bag...was it dense enough?? Was it ever! It was exactly what I wanted, and she laughed and mentioned i did have enough notes pinned to it that she couldn't make a mistake! I was too happy with the outcome to hang my head in shame.
Now for the wool applique I intend to do on it and get it bound. Another finished project! Wow. It's not even the new year (and my yearly turning of a "new leaf") and already I have 2 bigger projects near completion. Dare I hope to get a third done before Christmas? I doubt it! I will post photos as soon as they are taken!
I celebrated my happy morning with a French Vanilla latte and a crandberry chicken wrap at my favorite little spot at my favorite outdoor shopping Plaza, watching the gayily decorated white horses pull the holiday carriage filled with smiling children and their respective parents (or grandparents) tucked under a warm lap robe around the perimeter of the Plaza. There may not be any snow, but it is beginning to feel alot like Christmas!

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