Dec 16, 2006

French Magazines and Rabbit Lust

Well! Bet that got your attention! Seriously...I was introduced to a new magazine, a French publication that is now available locally. It's name is Patchwork Quiltmania, and when I heard there were only 2 copies left at Barnes and Noble I HAD to stop after work and get myself one of them. Luckily for me there was 1 copy left, and I grabbed it up and headed for the cafe for a spot of supper and some reading. This issue featured (of all people) my favorite design team of Blackbird Designs. The first featured quilt in the article about them was Winter Wonderland from the book, Warm Hearts. This book caught my eye back in 2001 when it was first published because I am madly in love with rabbits of all kinds and there were the most wonderful rabbits within its pages. Winter Wonderland had two leaping bunnies that stole my heart and I knew right away I had to make them and the entire quilt (of course!). That was- as I said- back in 2001. So, after finding Quiltmania and the article I had to rummage thru the attic storage area where I have my overflow fabrics, and long-ago forgotten projects. Sure enough- there they were!! Leaping bunnies. They now reside on my small design wall and I will, yes, I WILL finish this project in the coming year!
There. I've said it! I will do this! Perhaps I will reward myself after finishing the last two sides of DD's christmas gift quilt and allow myself to pull some fabrics for Winter Wonderland. It surely is not such a thing here in upstate NY. The weather feels more like March than 9 days before Christmas. Maybe if I think winter wonderland, we could get the semblence of one here before the 25th??
But until then, I will at least share my new obcession! What is it about quilting that lets me flit back and forth like a bug in a breeze?? There are days I am so focused. Then there are days such as French Magazines and Rabbit Lust!

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Dawn said...

Too funny! I've been looking for the new xmas issue for weeks and finally found 1 too at Barnes and Noble last Friday! If you can dig up the issue before this one on the VT quilt festival you might want to grab it too. It had tons of wonderful repro and antique quilts in it! And small/mini repro quilts! Don't even ask where I've been.....

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