Dec 11, 2006

trying to tie up loose ends

Today is the day to try to tie up some loose ends. Seems like the hours are just flying past and since I've declared it a "me" day- I'm going to do those little things I've wanted to do.

One of the things I thought I'd do is close out the Yahoo 360 blog I started. I think it is easier to just keep one! May not being totally quilting related, but since that is a big part of who i am, why not keep all my musings here. Sounds about right to me. I might try to move the other posts here, but not sure that will be 100% effective!

It was a fairly quiet weekend here. The house is starting to look festive. Today the dining room tree is on my To Do list as is the fireplace mantle. Husband is away for the day, so I don't have to worry about trying to do things around him! Makes tidying up easier. Tomorrow is the last day of classes for youngest daughter so she will be home sometime tomorrow night from college. Her last semester on January she is off to Rood and Riddle ( in Lexington, KY! She'll be there until just before graduation in May.

Had a lovely holiday get together with the flock from work last evening at the home of one of the owners. Such a beautiful house, and decorated with little treasures everywhere- exactly the kind of enviroment that makes me smile! I was tired, but time with people I enjoy- in a laid back setting with good conversation, good food and warm surroundings was a real treat. There will be another on Wednesday night with a small quilting group of friends that meet once a month. I am looking forward to that one as well. Seems the holiday spirit is in full swing.

On a silly note, both my girls introduced me to "wee mee's" this weekend. How completely fun. The girs say they are addicted, and promised they were going to have to "fix mom's computer" so I could actually see theirs. I managed to make one of my own, and both girls declared my wee mee to be quite sophisticated! I now know it is time to go back to work, and stop all this silliness, but it was exactly what I needed over the weekend. Feeling better is a good thing- and can't wait for the body to get back to 100% normal. I also spent some time with a hot cup of brew reading other quilting blogs and found many interesting ones. So many talented quilters out's nice to be part of a group of people who love the simplier things in life! We tend to get so busy with the daily hustle, bustle and stresses of daily existance. I know I appreciate the time in my sewing room.

Enough musings for one morning...time to go hang lights on that tree that is waiting for me!

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