Nov 26, 2006

Weekend of Table runners

This was the weekend to finish several gift table runners in the making. Two out of three are done- the last while enjoying musical venues on PBS last evening. The first to be finished is a holiday runner that will be given to my sister this year.
The second is a swap runner. This one was requested to be blue and yellow, colors I don't normally work in- unless the blue is a deep, muddy, reproduction blue! Doing floral blue was a bit of a stretch, but I am pleased with the outcome. The third is the same version done in "my comfort zone"- deep red, grayed blue and a multi -dimentional beige- that varigates from very light to very dark. There is no photo of that one yet, but I will attempt to put up photos of the other two.
Other than that it was nice to have a semi- restful Sunday. The Halloween/Fall decorations are put away (finally) in preparation for the Christmas decor. First comes the general room cleaning- but that will wait until tomorrow. The rest of the day is going to be a "Me Day", I've decided. Organizing unfinished projects on Friday left me a bit chargrined over the number of unfinished works -or not as yet started BOM's sitting in the closet. They are now out in the sewing room, on a shelf all their own- happily sitting in those wonderful 14"x14" scrapbooking boxes. They can't escape me now...and today I am going to give myself permission to finish sewing "footballs" by machine (IMA) instead of by hand. They should be all sewn onto their respective blocks by tonight and I can start sewing the blocks together. This will no longer be a UFO by mid-December! I like goals. The other December goal is to bind the large red /tan /gold queen-sized quilt I wanted to use for this holiday season. It can be done if I adhere to some disapline. Again- a simple enough goal, or so I think.

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