Nov 15, 2006

Poor leg-less chickadees! I had thought that my McKenna Ryan quilt would be done for this Christmas, especially with all the help I got from Julie who did most of the blocks! When someone commented at work yesterday that December was just a few weeks away, my jaw dropped! How did that happen??? I love this quilt ...Into the Light....and don't want it to be another UFO! I think I need to adhere to the hour a day principle and just get it done.
I also should quilt the top that was lovingly given to me. It was done by a dear friend who lost her battle with cancer a few months ago. It should be hand quilted, that is what she would have wanted, so that will be next season's project.
I haven't been idle however! I should have taken a photo of the table runner that is at the shop right now. it was the weekend project and will make a beautiful gift for my sister- it has all the colors in her dining room and turned out quite elegant. The next few weekends will be quite busy so not much is expected to get done.
I am actually looking forward to this upcoming weekend. Julie and I will be going to New Paltz on Saturday evening for Meredith's senior piano recital. I am as pleased as punch and quite proud of her- like any good "surrogate" mom! There will be a reception in her honor afterwards. Then we will be in full swing for Thanksgiving. I hear the number is up to 16! Won't have to scale back my recipes much *smile*
And as this is a day off from work, I should definitely be off and producing! What first...the table runner that is due to a friend December 1?? I think that would be an excellent idea! Especially since I want to include a topper that will match and can be used in place of the runner when she feels like a change. So many projects, so little time!

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