Nov 17, 2006

A late day for work today. I have a class in machine applique tonight so get a bit of a quiet morning to catch up on some reading and posting. Naturally being a work week, not much is new. I am exicted to have fabrics picked for the new project- Baltimore Bunnies, by Bunny Hill Designs (
My partner in crime, Ms. Patty was excited about helping with the endeavor, and we decided to do two versions of the bom! She wasn't crazy about the pattern border, and i think it is cute. Reminds me of Jeanna Kimball's Rabbit Run. Anyway! We pulled and pulled and pulled fabrics some more and have quite the stack of lovelies! Can't wait to get started on block 1...and have promised myself that i will do one bunny and one floral block (at least) over the course of the next 2 weeks. I HAVE to get the wedding quilt going in earnest if I want it ready for the kids' wedding day next October. This will be on top of my fairly new one hour a day pledge! I do have to keep up with some piecing after all.
This weekend will be busy, what with Julie coming home tonight and our traveling to New Paltz for the much anticipated piano recital. It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away, especially since we have been experiencing wierd weather. Yesterday's temperatures reached in the 70's! Not November weather for the northeast at all!
It will be a busy week all around starting today!

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