Nov 23, 2006


It's Thanksgiving! And for the morning anyway, it is all about the parade. This year it is all on TV, we haven't been to the city in years. The kids all have their favorite parade stories...Big Bird (not the turkey, but the one from Sesame Street) always plays front and center in most of them. The extra casserole of stuffing is done, the yams are in the oven, the crandberry relish is ready, and child #3 is happily watching the parade with the father and the dog!

This is the first year she is the only one home for the holiday. Who would she watch the parade with, and dish about who was there, etc.?? She finds it a life changing event. Youth! Has it's advantages, I guess.

We do have much to be greatful for, and losses to remember today.

I am grateful for our family and freinds who are always there for me. I am greatful that we are comfortable in our own home and that my children are doing so well (even when they don't believe they are). I am grateful for a job I enjoy.

This year I will miss a dear friend who lost her battle with cancer. She was a wise woman, and would surely kick me good if I "grieved" on a day such as today (or any other day for that matter), but I still do. But that grief is made less by the wonderful memories we were able to make while she was with us, and by the love she showed her nearest and dearest. It will be a hard Thanksgiving for her family.

Life lessons, gratitudes....they all compound to make us who we are.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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