Jan 7, 2007

What's A Girl To Do?

What's a girl to do when she buys a new cutting station that is almost too big for her sewing room? After careful consideration, and sticking to tradition (you know, new year- clean up the old mess!) she decides that if she was to flip-flop the entire room around it would fit beautifully. Thus you now get to see squeeky clean photos of my little slice of peace !
This first photo is the entry shot into the room. I love having this room because of the bay windows. They are the most perfect place to sew. In the summer it overlooks the gardens in the back as well as the small pond we put in.

Here is my sewing table and peek at the media corner. Need either my NPR or PBS to keep me company on weekends. If there is nothing of interest, well all I have to do is pick a few cd's and pop them in. I also have a personal dvd player thanks to my son, but hummm...which child borrowed it? I'll have to settle for the tv cooking, antique, educational programing for now!

This is the new "Quilter's Station" that started the entire reorganization plan. I love the room it affords me for cutting, planning, and storing. I just didn't think it was "that big"! It was a bit of an impulse buy just before Christmas (merry xmas to me) which my DH slipped me money for in my actual gift. Now that is what I call a sweetie! On each side I was able to tuck my rolling bins that hold my threads, wools, and doll making supplies. My light box is safe and sound, finally as well! You can perhaps get a glimpse of one of the blocks from Vintage Valentine- also know in these parts as "The Wedding Quilt". At the rate I'm moving it may become the 10th Anniversary Quilt! The horse block was a gift to my DD#2 from a quilting friend of mine who knows about our love of all things horses. We (DD and I) are still thinking about how we want to use it. I have a quilt in mind, but not right now. First things first....

The bookshelf was able to stay in place thanks to bins that roll. Since it is somewhat hidden now, I don't have to constantly look at how many "to do" projects I've accumulated! Kind of a mixed blessing, don't you think.

I was able to "steal" this old dresser when my son moved into his own home. It used to be his younger sister's, but he lived with it while he was back home saving for the house he bought with his fiancee. It now houses my fat quarters and half -yard cuts of fabric. It also gives me a place to display a couple of my favorite pieces- my amish doll with her quilt and basket, my collection of Jennifer C. quilting novels and a painted muslin prairie cap. I have also tucked a small Jo Morton piece into one of my favorite reed baskets. On the wall are photos of DD#2 during show season- both blue ribbon moments. I have more to show you...but I've yet to figure out how to do a long continuous piece without losing what I've already mused over! I guess my Saturday activities will have to come in 2 parts. Not a bad idea I think....


Dawn said...

Oh look at that cutting station! I LVOE IT! I think it is too big for your room, you had better just pack it up and send it over to me!

Karen said...

Dawn's right, that is a great cutting surface, wow. It's always so much fun to see other people's sewing areas and homes (!!).

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