Jan 7, 2007

What's A Girl To Do - Part 2

Continuing on with the tour of the new improved digs, you are now looking at my Shaker Cabinet. It houses all those "big" yardage pieces- you all know - the ones that would make a "good border" or a "perfect backing". Why is it we buy lots of something we supposedly love and then when the time comes to use it, we love it so much that we can't cut into it?? Am I the only one who feels this way?? Something tells me I'm not. I just hate to admit how much of a fabric junkie I am. Some of the pieces in this cabinet were purchased at the barn sale at the Quilt Barn in KY years ago!! Now there is a goal for 2007-start using what I have! I bet I could if I really tried.

This is my applique chair. It is comfy and I can sit and stitch away the evening, or a Sunday afternoon. Would anyone like to come and join me? The top on the arm of the chair is getting wool appliqued flowers, but they will be done on the machine. The stained glass sunflower (one of my favorite flowers) was a gift from a very talented friend who lives in Texas.

And here we have the one part of the room that didn't get moved! This is my four legged quilting buddy, Miss Izzie! She is a guinea pig with attitude! I asked if she'd like to pose for posterity, but she was too busy attacking her water bottle! Below her is an extra bin of fat quarters, most of which I have been collecting for years...I want to do a blue scrap quilt in civil war reproduction fabrics.
My other quilting buddy wanted his picture taken too...how could I resist that face!

Lastly, I had to share a Christmas gift from my sister. What a beautiful basket! The inside is furnished with two bins to hold my supplies, and she had tucked in this handmade shaker style pin cushion. The top of the basket is the most gorgeously finished piece of wood and hinged so I can open just one side. I think now that things are clean, looking somewhat new and organized I can settle back and get to sewing. Only question is, what is today's project...those wool flowers? A block of the wedding quilt??? Decisions, decisions! Which reminds me. I promised myself I'd make a list of the top 5 projects to pull from the UFOs and work on for 2007. If I work through those I may actually get something finished this year-really finished! Now wouldn't that be just fine!!


joyce said...

You have an amazing space there. I have a large area but am sadly lacking in good shelving and storage.
I think every quilter has a pile of fabric that's too nice to cut. I have that problem with a lot of my hand dyes. THey have to sit around for ages before I can bear to cut them.

Libby said...

What a wonderful place to create and work. A well lit space, good storage, media center and four-legged quilters are so essential.

Sweet P said...

What a beautiful sewing room. Where did you find that cutting station? Are you happy with it? I'm in the process of reworking one wall in my sewing room and need to find a good multi-use piece of furniture.

Dawn said...

Oh Karen, I loved the tour! And that basket and pincushion is beautiful! I really like the pin cushion! Your little quilting buddies are sweet! But not as sweet as chloe!!!!

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Love your space and your "critter" friends are adorable.

I'll come sew with you but I need my own "applique" chair. :-)

Your basket and pincushion are wonderful keepsakes!

Lucy said...

O ohhh what a basket!!! I have seen those at our fmaily trip in teh US.. but they don't fit in my suitcase :-(((

Lucy said...

I think yo uare new at the mavericks ?? I don;t think I ever said welcome to you . so I do it now WELCOME !!

anne bebbington said...

What a lovely sewing area - and that basket and pincushion are to die for, what a thoughtful sister :o) you lucky girl

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