Jan 19, 2007

Back To Reality

Well, it's back to reality for this girl. Even in the "dead of winter" Lexington, Kentucky is beautiful. If only the horses were out when I snapped this shot of the rolling hills- now that would have been absolutely perfect. One other shot I missed - it was pouring rain at that moment- was a crazy huge castle. An actual castle...stone, 1 stone tower at each corner of the tall stone wall...but the stone castle rose above all that like I was living in Medieval times. I was waiting for a call to the joust, and wondering if there was an actual moat to discourage visitors. The sign near the front gate announced "The Castle Farm of...." of whom we couldn't read. Never did get a chance to find that castle again during the few days I was in the area.

The time in Kentucky was spent getting my youngest daughter set at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital (www.roodandriddle.com) for the semester's internship. It was a bit overwhelming the first day, but we've heard from her each of the subsequent days and she is very excited by the learning experiences. The past two days have been in the colic barn. Who knows what experiences next week will bring.

Little sewing has been done. But today is another "rest day" and I intend to do just that! I ventured up into the icy cold attic last night to salvage some blocks from a Jan Patek project. Found the finished blocks, but it was just too dark and too cold to look for the other patterns (I'm really close to being done, so they best surface!) and the fabrics I stashed with them. I have vowed that 2007 will be the year to finish some of my favorite UFO's that are near completion and not start anything new until I do. OK...so I commited to a RR back in 2006 (oh doesn't that sound so long ago, now?!) so that will be "new", but nothing else, mark my words.
If you think I can stick to that vow, you are better readers than I...I get so excited about new projects, but I am also trying to be very realistic this year. Let's see if I can hold on to that resolve!
While in the Lexington area, I had hoped to visit with 2 friends, but only got to see one. Sharon lives in the little town of Paris and we had a fun day together, "talking quilting" as her husband Jackie put it when he stopped by the house near lunchtime. I laughed about that - we did a lot of talking about alot of things, but just then we were going through the cedar chest doing just that- "talking quilting". Sharon has some lovely family quilts. Something I envy. Growing up in a family that didn't quilt- well, didn't do much by way of "craft work" there are no heirlooms to speak of. Being in an urban east coast enviroment also means you pay top dollar for someone else's heirlooms as well, so I have never been in the position to own an old quilt of any kind. Maybe one day. There is Ebay after all *smile*.
On my way back from Kentucky I chose to fly through Chicago. We had driven down, so flying back was a must, and Chicago was high on the list of lay-overs so I could visit with my friend Dawn (www.dquilts.blogspot.com). We had the most wonderful morning- breakfast and lots of chatter! How I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had a flight to catch and she a lunch to attend. I have to make a point to head west again...we'd love to sew together, and do some shop hopping...now wouldn't that be great fun.
For now, I will have to settle into my sewing room and start playing catch up on the samples that need finishing, and work on the "for me" project at hand. That will be the center block for the RR I signed up to participate in. I'll have to make a decision soon about what it is to be...I'm leaning towards one of three ideas- a mariner's compass, a new york beauty, or a feathered star. But who knows what may strike me as I sit and contemplate the quilting universe in my applique chair! But for now....well, it is just nice to be home.


Linda C. said...

Dawn is great fun, isn't she? We met her on our excursion to Paducah last year, encouraged her to come to our Guild Retreat in September, and in 6 days, we will all be together again at our group's little winter retreat. I noticed your earlier comment about knitting socks. I've been on a sock frenzy for about a month. Nearly done with my 6th pair. True confessions . . . my quilt stash and my yarn stash need a cottage of their own! Perhaps the next time you venture to the Midwest, we can all get to meet you!

Dawn said...

Oh isn't that just a gorgeous picture! I hope Julie gets some time to take some pics of the horses - especially the babies!!!!

You haven't found those blocks yet?

Shelina said...

I made that promise to myself as well, and was pretty good last year. The couple of quilts I started did actually get finished, as well as some older items. This year, the well has burst, and I am having a hard time resisting making something new instead of finishing up the old things.

Libby said...

Don't sell yourself short on your goal -- 2006 was so last year *s*

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