Dec 29, 2007

holidays [part 2]

Happy dancing down the driveway can be a delightful endeavor...happily it was late and most of the neighborhood was tucked in their beds or off visiting family! Ahem..youthful enthusiasm has its merits, no?

Remember, now, I did mention that there was someone not so patiently waiting inside for the child to arrive...
I'm not sure who was happier to see whom!

Goober Beagle positively danced thru the door so excited to see his "momma"!

Come Christmas day the family arrived in all their finery and the gifts were passed to the happy recipients.

I think mom was the most over joyed! She didn't let her favorite gift of the day leave her sight! All I can say is I am glad the newly weds were thoughtful enough to gift each of the family members with a portrait - or else there might have been a Christmas "brawl"!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Oh look at goober! too adorable!

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