Aug 22, 2007


Don't let the title of today's musings make you think I'm relaxing after a day of strenous cleaning...just didn't happen! Instead I spent a rather nice day taking my mom on a bus trip to the Sagamore Hotel for lunch and some shopping at the outlets in Lake George. She was happy, so it was a good day.
The housekeeping I decided was well overdue tonight was my uploading photos to webshots so that I can remove hundreds of photos from my digital camera. I think that in itself is a bit of housekeeping that is long overdue. Most of the photos are quilt related! So if you have a few minutes and would like to look at some of the quilts that were shown at the Vermont Quilt Festival this year, the above link should hopefully work in getting you there

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Ooooo Baby! Pics!!!! Julie looks like she had a great party! But better yet are the quilt pics! Mmmmm!

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