Sep 6, 2010

Fun Packaging

Just when I thought I'd be done sewing for the day, I remembered I had promised to do some creative packaging for The Youngest. The child (ok, ok, young adult...who am I trying to kid) had spent countless hours creating a mini scrapbook of memories for her BFF back in the beautiful state of Kentucky. The girls had worked together at the Equine Hospital at Louisville and there were many hours of work, play and general moments of merriment to put into tangible form. When it came to making sure it was safe and sound in its packing box, I came up with a bright idea. What else would you use to cradle and create another surprise element for the birthday girl?? A pillowcase of course!

A quick look through some old stash I had planned to part ways with, 20 minutes of cutting and sewing (french seams and all!)time, and this is what we came up with:

I wonder if I have enough fabric to make one more?? I think there is another stylish young lady who would like a matching pillowcase!

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