Aug 26, 2010

Not so Wonderous

Remember her?

Nothing was too much for her, she could make anything right. She did it all...and then some.
Surprise! I'm not close to being Wonder Woman....
Maybe next week I'll done my WW costume, maybe not. But for now- I'll settle on being ordinary. Out of time, ordinary. Too much to do ordinary. Deciding to procrastinate ordinary.
Yup- sometimes ordinary is good. I'll let Wonder Woman solve the problems of the world at large.



Quilts And Pieces said...

My kids think I"m a dweeb now as it is. Wonder what they would think if I wore this outfit!

Sharon said...

I just wish I had her waist-line!!! Forget the costume.
Have a great something wonder-ful!

Kathie said...

I saw your post on Cyndi's blog can you tell me the name of the shop in Windham?
I may need a trip there

MARCIE said...

Isn't it nice not to have to be Wonder Woman? I'd take that figure tho!

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