Aug 22, 2010

Not Much Stitchin'

Not much stitchin' was done over the weekend, but that was fine. Just fine, mind you, because we partied on Saturday and I relaxed quite a bit on Sunday (wow, who knew how nice lazy can feel on occasion!).

Saturday, my sister and I threw a "post birthday" luncheon for my mom, who found herself another year older on August 17th. She claims she never thought she'd make it to 85! I had no doubt she'd get there and she will no doubt greet a few more.

Family and friends gathered to celebrate (otherwise known as "eat"),catch up with each other,and just spend a few fun hours with the b'day girl. We descended upon a local Italian eatery that opens by noon (a must when Mom is involved), serves family style, would give us a private room and whose food is generally quite good, considering. The room was dark- with strange lighting so photographing was interesting to say the least, but we have lots of fond memories in shades of orange/red tint(even after photo editing!).
The party wasn't technically a surprise, but since Mom suffers from dementia, to her it was a complete surprise- and she loved being the b'day girl....she was having a good day. I have proof positive (see below). Happy Birthday, Mom (even if it is a bit belated):

(waiting on Grandma: The Husband, The Youngest, The Son and The Little Man)

(Arrival of the Birthday Girl- notice the delight as she waves to her adoring fans!)

( Birthday Girl and her Sisters-smiling pretty for the camera)

(Great grandma gets a very big hug from a very important Little Man)

(Applause for a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday to You!")

A good day was had by all!
Happy Stitchin (and look for a sneak preview come Wednesday)


Sue said...

Happy birthday to your mother! Looks like you all had such a nice time!

Sunday was a lazy day for us too and it felt good! Haven't done that in a while.

Sharon said...

I'm afraid I have been having way to many lazy days!!!
Loved the pics from your mother's birthday party!

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