May 14, 2008

I Have To Admit It

I'm addicted! Sometimes you find a book that you just can't put down. First, the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer did that to me. Read it into the wee hours of the night. Had to have the next two installments immediately (New Moon and Eclipse). Meyer's Twilight series was written for young adults. Don't know about that- I was hooked from the get-go. I also can't wait to see if the movie that is to be released in December will live up to the love story of Bella and Edward. For those who have never heard of Twilight, Bella is a high school student who moves to the northwest to live with the father she barely knows. There, she meets and falls in love with Edward, a fellow student. Only- Edward isn't just any high school student. Edward is a vampire. Move over Ann Rice, there is another writer who can spin a tale that begs for more! I've already pre-ordered the fourth segment of the saga of Bella and Edward. Some have likened these to the Harry Potter books for their wide appeal. Never having read any of the Potter books (yes, I know, I'm probably in a very small minority here) I can't vouch for that. I do know I love the way Meyer spins a tale. Next, I had to have Meyer's new "adult" book, The Host. Finally got to Borders Books first thing this morning to get the copy they were holding for me. It has been out a week now! Ho boy-- am I in trouble. I have lots I have to do, but I can see me having to read this one well into the night(and then some) until I've reached the last page. I am taking a bit of a breather right now. I did have to do some necessary laundry, and a bit of "home work" before tomorrow. I hated to stop, and will settle back onto the couch after dinner to return to its pages. Yes, indeed, I'm hooked...she got me right at the Prologue: "Inserted". The Host is a perfect blend of science fiction, thriller and love story. I love a good book!!

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Libby said...

Sounds like a good series. I'm right there with you in the very empty 'Never read Potter' books room *s* Just never got the bug.

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