May 8, 2008

Addicted to Wool

Just a quick entry this am before work- since I am on a roll! Wanted to show off the just about finished wool applique piece that I worked on the other evening. It will be a shop sample before it comes home. Having become addicted to wool I am on a mission to get the world behind me on this one and have proposed a class. Let's see if I can be convincing and bring others over to the wool side! The little bird pattern was actually a block from a stitchery pattern called Summer's Reign. I just loved the pattern, but didn't want to do it in stitchery. Once the bird gets his legs I will mount the piece and set it into the green and cream stripe frame. The red fabric around the block itself is the gorgeous new silk Andover Fabrics has added to its fabric collections. I am so happy with this little piece that I've decided to do the entire pattern as a wool wall hanging. I want to get rid of the silly too-small mirror over the fireplace mantle, and I think that could be the perfect place for a lovely small quilt.
I'm addicted,definitely addicted!!


Amanda said...

I LOVE this little wall hanging. Is that woollen fabric you have used, or felt? And it looks hand stitched, is that right? And no tricky turnings? Looking forward to seeing the completely finished project.

Libby said...

What a sweet little piece. Wool is so fun to work with. Enjoy *s*

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh it is wonderful! Gosh have you been as crazy as I have been in life lately! Sorry I've been sooo bad in keeping up!

Malagueta said...

The striped border is just perfect!

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